No respect

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Editor's Blog, NC Politics, NCGov | 1 comment

Need more proof that Pat McCrory can’t get no respect? Witness his visit to the legislature yesterday. Supposedly, he went over to rally support to lift the moratorium on fracking. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to meet with him.

According to an article by Travis Fain, McCrory went to the legislature while the Republican house members were caucusing. However, he never got in the room. Instead, he and his entourage waited in the legislative library while Art Pope went in and  out as he pleased. Ouch!

Governor, here’s some unsolicited advice. No matter how hard you try, these folks are never going to like you and they are going to continue to treat you like an annoying little brother until you bust them in chops. You have one powerful weapon–the veto pen. Use it.

They’ve made you out a liar once when you signed their tax cut for the rich instead of sending you the revenue-neutral tax reform you demanded. They’ll make you out a liar again if you sign their draconian abortion bill. If you want respect from these folks, you’re gonna need to cause them some inconvenience. They may override your veto, but make ‘em do it. They might embarrass you, but you should be plenty embarrassed already, and at least you’ll show a little fight.

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  1. C. Marthinson

    Great post, Thomas! Thanks for fixing the AC too, haha!

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