5293e1a5c1239.preview-300Poor Phil Berger, Jr. He can’t even get his TV ad right. Obviously, the guy can’t deliver a line. His tweets and press releases have all been cookie-cutter talking points. Now, his ad is so visually erratic that it buries his message.

Watch it. There’s not a single take that’s longer than five seconds. It jumps around so much that it’s almost impossible to follow what he’s saying.

I’ve made enough ads and been on enough shoots to know that they couldn’t get more than a few seconds of good footage from Berger. Consequently, they had to stitch the thing together, making a choppy, annoying ad. For a contrast, watch Clay Aiken’s introductory video. He delivers his message in a single take of almost 5 minutes. It’s clean and impressive.

Ad production shouldn’t be the main criteria for electing a Congressman, but the inability to deliver his lines indicates that Berger is totally scripted. If he really believed what he was saying, he should be able to improvise for at least a few seconds. He quite obviously couldn’t.


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