PODCAST | Justice Is Nonpartisan. Justice Bob Edmunds Says He Is, Too.

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Bob Edmunds + James Kotecki

Bob Edmunds is an Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court currently running for this third eight-year term.

This episode is the counterpoint to our recent conversation with Mike Morgan, the Superior Court Judge vying for Edmunds’ seat. As you might expect, Edmunds offers some dissenting opinions.

Edmunds rejects the notion that his campaign or the court itself are partisan entities. But can he – can anyone – really stay above partisan politics while running a campaign?

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  1. Bruce Mitchem

    The only way to have non partisanship in legal matters is through the creation of a commission made up academic scholars who are more invested in the intricacies of law, understanding the most basic tenants of law and who are basically apolitical since they are not seeking office.
    Through secret balloting, they should should select our judges, choosing the best for each jurisdiction.
    In the past, when we had senators like Irwin who was recognized as a constitutional scholar, we could trust out senators and legislators to make sound judgments. Now, we elect people with the most money and special interests backing them and the ones who can give the simplest (simple-minded) and most outrageous sound bites.

  2. Bruce Mitchem

    Do you have a page or article that outlines all the candidates for North Carolina positions and a synopsis of their basic positions on issues or their basic philosophies?

    Some of us have not been able to keep up with all races and candidates. I am familiar with the issues of the U.S. Senate race and governorship but not all of the N.C. legislators.

    Please let me know if there’s is such a compilation.

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