Renee Ellmers – In

by | Dec 4, 2012 | Carolina Strategic Analysis, Features


No, she’s not officially in.  But her move to name a federal courthouse after former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms certainly news. The word is that Ms. Ellmers is very well-liked among the GOP establishment in Washington.  Do they see her as Senate material?  Earlier on this blog it was written about how Rep. Ellmers might be the ideal candidate again Kay Hagan because it will help narrow the gender gap.

This move strikes me as calculated.  So while Ellmers may not be in yet, she certainly wants to be in … and she’s trying to get enough support to do so.

Upcoming posts: the GOP strategy against Kay Hagan, and an analysis of electoral trends in NC based on the 2012 election results.  Stay tuned …


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