Senator Kay Hagan? There’s An App For That

by | Feb 24, 2013 | Carolina Strategic Analysis, Features

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This is something new. Not too many senators have an app, and I think that’s for a good reason – nobody cares. I imagine that 99% of the people who install this are political junkies who want to follow Hagan’s every move. And this could be a sign of the influence of Lindsay Siler, who has been hired as a senior campaign adviser and managed the Obama campaign in North Carolina. The Obama people made extensive use of new technology and social media.

Tip for conservatives: don’t install any app from Democrat politicians. Even though you won’t vote for them, they’ll get access to your Facebook friends who might be swayed to vote for them. Don’t install their apps! This is also another reason to not to friend any liberals on Facebook.

I’m not going to install the app. For one thing, I’m not sure I know how; second, having an app for a U.S. Senator is geekdom on a level that I can’t even begin to aspire to. I can’t imagine the app being very successful, but it can’t hurt. And who knows, this might quickly become standard for political campaigns.


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