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Pat McCrory just doesn’t get it. And I mean “get” being governor. He’s disengaged from the political process and living in a bubble that’s obliterated any understanding of how his administration is perceived by the public.

This week, his office released a tax plan that McCrory would not support. His spokeswoman Kim Genardo says, “This is not his vision.” What the hell is that? If he’s not supporting it, why did he authorize its release? Or maybe somebody up the food chain released it. Who could that be…

Ah. Today we get clarification. “McCrory stopped short of supporting the compromise scenario put forth by Budget Director Art Pope, saying it is just one of the five to 10 analyses he’s looked at as part of the tax negotiations between the House and Senate.” The governor clearly doesn’t understand that Art Pope works for him. He’s not another branch of the government.

What is the thinking here? That somehow McCrory can have daylight between what his administration puts out and what he supports? That’s absurd. Does he have any idea how weak and disengaged this episode makes him look? Obviously not. So from now on, when the Governor’s office issues a statement, some reporter needs to track down McCrory and ask him if he agrees with what his office just said.

So what does McCrory do? He cuts ribbons, goes to grand-openings and meets with big donors. Today, he’s with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley at a $5,000-per-person event to fund a non-profit to support his administration. This after turning down requests from teachers and parents to discuss his proposals for public schools. I guess McCrory needs a little quality time with some insiders from out of state.

And what’s McCrory say about it? “Everything we are doing is right regardless of the perception you are giving. We are doing things right and in the proper way.” I’m sure he’s right. He’s not breaking any laws. It’s just that he ran on cleaning up government, reducing special interests and breaking up the good ol’ boy system.

Pat McCrory really is nothing more than a spectator to his own administration. He’s letting other people define his agenda while he’s out breaking campaign promises. It would be disturbing to say he’s lost any objectivity, but with only six months under his belt, it’s clear he never had any in the first place.

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  1. Paleo Tek

    Spot on. The Guv gives every appearance of a classic Empty Suit. He and his seem to be firmly ensconced in the Echo Chamber, and have no clue how awful they look. But just wait! The best is yet to come…

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