It’s a day early but I’ll call it. In the GOP Senate primary, Dr. Greg Brannon won the week. He’s managed to survive a week of headlines that would have killed most candidates and is still racking up endorsements from conservative grassroots organizations.

Just two weeks ago, a jury found that he misled investors, duping them out of more than $250,000. Today, it’s not even on the Republican primary radar screen. Instead, we’re reading about Brannon’s endorsement by Sen. Mike Lee, another product of the Tea Party. And that follows the support of Rand Paul and FreedomWorks, the grassroots organization that helped organize the Tea Party into a powerful political force. As the primary grows near, the Tea Party is closing ranks.

In addition, the evidence of Brannon’s grassroots support shows up in social media. The #NCPOL twitter feed is full of Brannon supporters retweeting his tweets and showing him all kinds of love. They also regularly bash Thom Tillis as an establishment shill, a label that’s starting to stick.

Brannon should be dead in the water. Besides his court loss, he got caught plagiarizing and found to be delinquent on property taxes. Fortunately for him, the Tea Party doesn’t quibble over little things like personal responsibility as long as he’ll talk about repealing Obamacare, freedom, liberty, guns and the constitution.

Conventional wisdom says that the Tea Party influence over the GOP is waning. They had mixed results in Texas primary this week and establishment leaders like John Boehner have expressed their frustration with them. North Carolina could be a place that they decide to plant a flag. A crowded primary with a low turnout offers them an opportunity to send the establishment a message.


  1. Bronwyn

    Anyone who seriously thinks the 2nd amendment should be extended to owning nuclear weapons is bona-fide insane. And this guy is Rand Paul’s and the Tea Party’s pick? Pity North Carolina.

  2. Unaffiliated Voter


  3. Mac

    One must keep in mind that our representative in Congress are our tools. We send the tool up there that will fix the current problem. If the tool doesn’t work we replace it till we find one that understands what it needs to do.

  4. ArtyS

    It’s always a hoot when a Democrat – the party of the activist state seeking to alleviate every real and imagined inconvenience of life – speaks of personal responsibility.

  5. Jimmy Rouse

    And what are the chances of repealing Obamacare?

    1 in a 1,000

    1 in 10,000

    Reality beckons all those who have a grasp of life here on earth.

    • Thomas Ricks

      Taxes are not theft. Civilization is not slavery. Everything you believe is a lie.

  6. Glenardo

    Democrats steal with shovels
    Republicans steal with spoons
    Tea Party says stop the stealing!!

  7. E

    Right on Tommy, and LOL to Thomas Mills for “the Tea Party doesn’t quibble over little things like personal responsibility as long as he’ll talk about repealing Obamacare.” A liberal condescending to anyone about personal responsibility! Even more ironic is combining this personal responsibility stab with Obamacare. The health care system that completely throws personal responsibility out of the window. What a joke. This guy will never get to write for the Daily Show

    • Davidgs (@My1BlueEye)

      Because mandating that people take some responsibility for themselves and purchase private health insurance is the antithesis of personal responsibility … or something. GOP Logic just broke my logic circuit board.

    • Thomas Ricks

      A conservative condescending to anyone about truth is even more ironic. If a conservative is speaking, a conservative is lying.

  8. Tommy

    Its good to see that the art of sarcasm being put to use. It is not that we do not want other Republicans to win, we do not want big government Progressive Republicans to win.

    Its funny to see the two parties are using the logic of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Dems and Repubs uniting against the Tea Party b/c they pose a threat to the power of both. The power belongs to WE THE PEOPLE and that is why, yes, Ill have some TEA.

  9. Unaffiliated Voter

    satire above….BRANNON is the ONLY worthy candidate of the whole bunch!

  10. Jimmy Rouse

    You must understand we Republicans are not really interested in defeating Kay Hagan. We prefer to fight among ourselves. If we can keep Tillis from winning we feel that we have won the victory. We merely want a flaky candidate even if he loses. It is all about principles to us. Nutcase principles. Wingnut principles. Fruitcake ideas.

    We may not win but we will keep the other Republicans from winning. We are pretty smart. Never forget that.

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