Team Red Goes on Red Alert

by | Aug 18, 2016 | 2016 Elections, NC Politics, NCGOP, Republicans

You never want to get too comfortable in politics. Still, NC Democrats have reason for optimism. gives Clinton a 77% chance of carrying the state, up from 45% last month. Roy Cooper continues to lead in all credible polls and in the money race. Germane to our state’s swing counties is that PPP has found Trump losing up to 40% of Republican voters in suburban legislative districts, nationally.

But the most inspiring reason of all comes from the NCGOP. Simply put, they have gone on red alert. Nearly everything they have done this year suggests deep misgivings about their electoral prospects.

It goes back to before the latest wave of voter suppression. Republicans considered, introduced and/or passed several bills aimed at scaring their base to the polls. The ongoing rumbles of support for a Taxpayer Bill of Rights would’ve turned out the Greedhead Vote. Senators escalated the strategy to DEFCON RIDICULOUS  when they tried to preempt a hunting ban, lest those devious Costa Rican activists subvert North Carolina. Not at all comical was their grotesque effort to encourage a Vote of Vengeance against the LGBTQ community. In any other year, only TABOR would’ve been on the table.

The events of recent weeks have driven them into conniptions. The Fourth Circuit Court emphatically denied them their weapon of choice against Democratic voters, HB 583. Desperate to recover that tool, McCrory hired an obscenely expensive lawyer to argue the governor’s Second Southern Manifesto before SCOTUS. He happens to have issued that statement the same night that his home county’s GOP cut 238 hours from early voting, the latest salvo in a frantic assault on voting. The NCGOP has determined that they cannot win a fair election.

Fortunately, the Forces of Light are determined to do battle. As was summarized on this site, Hillary for NC is erecting a massive GOTV machine that could overwhelm the Republicans’ disgraceful anti-voter tactics. Clinton’s effort deserves to succeed. And the flashing lights and wild sirens at NCGOP headquarters send a hopeful signal for Democratic chances.


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