Texas folly?

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Politics, Women's Rights

I have always been very skeptical of the “Blue Texas” hype that comes from shrewd analysts like Ruy Teixiera. Before you interpret the new Alamo of Abortion filibuster as a sign of Texas’s imminent Democrat-ization, read this article about the woman who held the fort.

Consider two passages in particular. First, “After the education-spending filibuster forced a special session, Gov. Rick Perry indirectly called Davis a ‘show horse.'”
Think about that passage again. The state’s governor, who has been elected three times by formidable margins, called a female opponent livestock. It’s as safe to say this blog is no friend of Pat McCrory’s as it is to say he’d never do that. And no anyone anywhere in North Carolina would “[attack] Davis’s office with a Molotov Cocktail,” no matter how strongly they disagreed with her

Now remember, Davis represents Fort Worth, one of the more progressive cities in the state. Over the medium term Texas holds real promise for Team Blue, but for now the Lone Star State’ll stay as red as the evening in the West.


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