The ever evolving rationale for voter ID

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Editor's Blog, NC Politics, NCGA, NCGOP, Voting Rights


The Republican rationale for voter ID keeps evolving. First, the move was going stop rampant voter fraud. When no significant fraud was found, the GOP said it wanted to prevent future voter fraud. Now, Thom Tillis took to the airways, on MSNBC no less, to say that voter ID is needed to “restore confidence” in elections. Problem is, there is no evidence that Americans, or North Carolinians in particular, lack confidence in our electoral process.

There is, however, considerable lack of confidence in our elected officials. The legislature’s current approval rating is upside down with only 23% approving and 49% disapproving. People believe that politicians will say anything to get elected and they also believe that our elected officials put the interests of the wealthy and big corporations ahead of those of regular citizens.

If Speaker Tillis really wants to restore confidence in government, he could use a little more candor and a little less bullshit. Voter ID is an attempt by the GOP to restrict voting among people, mostly minorities and old folks, who tend support Democrats–nothing more, nothing less. Tillis should quit trying to find reasons to justify it and simply say that it’s an issue that is important to members of his caucus and his base. His evolving rationales do nothing to restore confidence. Instead, they lead to distrust of our elected leaders and make Tillis look like just another politician.


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