The Great Yacht Race

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Features, National Politics, US Senate | 1 comment

After the Senate voted to pass the immigration bill winding its way through Congress the other day Thom Tillis released a statement that he wouldn’t have voted for the bill.  When pressed for specifics as to why, Tillis admitted that he hadn’t read the bill, but said he would have voted the way the majority of Republican Senators voted.  Now this sort of partisan non statement is pretty common from those aspiring to higher office, and is par for the course for Tillis who is adept at sensing which way the political winds are blowing.  That’s why the potential Senate matchup between Tillis and Senator Hagan strikes me as a complete bore.

A Hagan/Tillis face-off strikes me as less of a political campaign and more of a yacht race; two teams of rich people who are experts at following the prevailing winds to victory.  Senator Hagan has proven herself to be a master of sailing these political waters, having changed course on issues such as immigration and gay marriage when prevailing political sentiment changed.   Hagan has made it five years in the Senate without making a political stand stronger than “I love the military” (no citation needed) while quietly pursuing a pro-business course.

Tillis’ winds blow less from the court of public opinion and more from the desires of big business.  He has changed his position on issues ranging from toll roads, to licensing bail bondsmen, to telecommunications to support the desires of business interests.  These aren’t my accusations, these are the charges leveled by a former committee chair who resigned claiming Tillis was too close to the industries who’s interests he was legislating on.  When your own party thinks you’re too close to business you’re in trouble. Don’t believe me?  Ask Jim Black.

That’s why a Hagan/Tillis race just doesn’t interest me.  It’s just two practiced political panderers fighting to see who gets to represent big business in the Senate, and just like a yacht race; when it comes down to it the winners are just a bunch of rich guys.


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  1. Lily

    Hell, Uncle Thom is not just close, he is part of it.

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