The next spike is coming. Prepare don’t panic.

by | Nov 26, 2021 | coronavirus, Editor's Blog | 12 comments

COVID numbers are starting to increase again in some states, indicating that we may see another surge this winter. Gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas will almost certainly increase the spread. New variants that appear more contagious are out there. That said, don’t panic, prepare. 

We should not be heading to any widespread shutdowns. Instead, we should be planning to protect our most vulnerable, taking reasonable precautions like wearing masks and continuing social distancing. Get vaccinated and, if you’re eligible, get a booster. 

We need to start living with the reality of COVID and follow the facts and the science. Vaccinations limit the severity of the disease, but don’t prevent it entirely. Still, people who are unvaccinated are more than 10 times as likely to die as unvaccinated people, 10 times as likely to be hospitalized, and five times as likely to be infected by the disease. A Texas study indicates that 85% of deaths and cases are among unvaccinated people. Vaccinations should be a no brainer. 

The threat of COVID is largely among older people, especially those unvaccinated. Unvaccinated people over 65 are about 15 times more likely to die than vaccinated people of the same age cohort. For younger people, the risk of death is tiny. Children under the age of 18 are more at risk from pneumonia than COVID. 

As winter looms and people start spending more time indoors, we should begin taking precautions. That does not mean shutting down schools and businesses. That means figuring out how to protect our most vulnerable, particularly people over 50 years old. If they are unwilling to get vaccinated, they should be warned to stay out of the public as much as possible, avoiding everything from family gatherings to church. Vaccinated people should be wearing masks in public and practicing social distancing. Handshakes and hugs, unfortunately, should be rare. 

The next COVID spike is coming. Let’s not panic. Instead, let’s start preparing now. Public health agencies should begin public relations campaigns that encourage responsibility. Downplay dire warnings and empower people and businesses to protect themselves. Keep schools open since pneumonia is a greater threat to kids than COVID. As more people get vaccinated or acquire natural immunity, our spikes will likely be smaller than in the past. Let’s get through this thing with determination instead of letting it control all aspect of our lives. 


    • cocodog

      Warning, Warning Warning somebody has mutated into another character! Another sign of a bot. Same wild misinformation but attached to another name!

      • phoenix

        Yeah I wrote a different name. Does it really matter? Its not like anyone here knows me or that name has any weight of any kind. Maybe I’ll use a new name every time I post just to bother you! (Not really you aren’t that important! lol)

        And what is misinformation? It’s made up term similar to “assault weapon” Which does not exist.

        You assault someone WITH a weapon right? The weapon does not assault anyone by itself right? Anyway… The left always plays word games. People are wise to that very old game, and its part of why you guys are losing. You’d be better off using clear honest language.

        So what is “misinformation.”

        Is it incorrect information? Why not call it that?
        Is it lies? Why not call it that?

        I post an ALTERNATIVE VIEW, and DIFFERENT DATA that you can USE to make up your own mind. One would figure that a person such as yourself that considers themselves to be erudite, enlightened and oh so intelligent would WANT nay EMBRACE more and different information.

        So do you? Seems not. Not that I am the least bit surprised.

        I post information that is neither wrong nor lies.

        Use it or not. It matters not to me. I’m just sharing.

        • cocodog

          You are an extremely funny little person. A class clown, absent the funny shoes and red nose . Reinventing yourself is cute. Tell us does it give you a special , tingling feeling to post misinformation, take no position, have no involvement , go off topic and use words intended to have no rational meaning. Tell us about this assault rifle reference you made? Clarify the point you were trying to make!

  1. phoenix

    Its seasonal. shots do nothing to prevent you from getting or transmitting covid as per fauci, and recently Fauci also said the shots won’t stop severe illness, hospitalization or death.
    so all in all they are pretty pointless given the risks, but hey you get to be part of a clinical trial for big pharma!

    So Given all of that. I say live your life as you wish. Mask no mask, shots or no shots MYOB and enjoy your life and leave other guy alone whatever choices they make for themselves. Because it won’t matter to you or them what they do.

    As an aside I find it very very weird that Africa was just mentioned to free of COVID despite not having much of the “safe and effective ™ lol shots and then all of a sudden….. And its weird that people who got the shots are the ones who caught the variant. Weird. I also find it strange that this variant was known as early as Nov 11th. but every single news agency globally announced verbatim the same alarming things all on the same day….. weird. Also its extremely weird to have any organism have this many mutations at one time, that’s not normally how nature works. ….More weirdness. And finally its very likely that this strain will be a more mild infection as generally this is how these things go. Hopefully anyway.

    We’ll see. I will continue to live my life as I want. regardless.

    Good luck to everyone.

    • cocodog

      II see you are a devoted worshiper at the temple of Tucker misinformation, which does not surprise me as original thinking is not your strongest point. Your notion that vaccination and masks don’t work was the topic of one of Trucker’s recent editorials. For the record Tucker and you are wrong. Spewing misinformation about COVID to show your loyalty to Trump and his marry little band is getting folks killed. But keep in mind, both Tucker and Trump are fully vaccinated.

        • cocodog

          Perhaps what I don’t understand is the pain felt by folks like you when you see your world view falling apart and losing ground to science and common sense. I might add, why do you attach a web site? (In this case two) Could it be you lack the comprehension to read it and express its meaning in your own words and refer to it as a point of authority? Legitimate science and raw figures do not support your views. This is how real scholars deal with what you are trying so hard to accomplish.

          • phoenix

            Dude, You protest too much.

            Its just data nothing more. I’ve no worldview about it at all. I’m just putting out what I find interesting and stating what I heard form Fauci.

            I’ve no agenda. I don’t care what others do or think. I’m trying to convince anyone of anything I’m not trying to make a point or win a non existent argument.

            Its just a data point and some additional info I found interesting.

            Do with it what you will.

  2. cocodog

    Many folks I see at the local supermarket are not wearing masks or if they do, the mask resembles a chin diaper. Apparently, there is belief that vaccinations have illuminated the need for masks. I believe folks fail to grasp the notion that a disease like COVID has a built-in self-defense mechanism It will mutate to overcome any possibility being vaccinated out of existence. It is amazing how some diseases will adopt to overcome extinction.

  3. Doyle Graham

    Mr. Mills is in error in minimizing the risk of those under 18 to COVID. COVID does kill children, and survivors can have long-term health problems. EVERYONE who is eligible should be vaccinated. All of my grandchildren have been, thanks to the excellent judgment of their loving parents. Love your kids! Protect them. How will you live with it if one of them dies unnecessarily because you did not get them vaccinated????

  4. Ben

    Thanks, Thomas! I needed that.

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