VIDEO: Let’s Not Have A Civil War, Please

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Features, History, North Carolina, Politics, The North Carolinian | 1 comment

Donald Trump’s refusal to say whether he’ll concede if he loses has surfaced some pretty terrible possibilities for our country. Donald’s demagogic attempt to delegitimize democracy by claiming the election is rigged is sparking fears that a Trump loss could lead to violence or worse.

Take this headline in the Washington Post: Trump supporters are talking about civil war. Could a loss provide the spark?

Here in the great swing state of North Carolina, we’ve got some Civil War experience. We’ve even got a monument honoring our Confederate dead that makes us more uncomfortable every year. So take it from us America: the only good civil wars are the ones produced by Marvel comics.

Now to be clear, I’m sure that the vast majority of Donald Trump supporters are peaceful. When they lose they’ll be angry, they’ll be upset, but I don’t think even they’ll be violent.

Trump doesn’t actually want to lead a Civil War. He just sometimes likes to imagine that he could.

After all, the real Civil War killed about 750,000 Americans – about 2% of the country’s entire population.

And this, oddly, gives me hope. It’s easy to think our country is more divided than ever but I’d bet Abraham Lincoln would gladly trade his political problems for ours.

America survived. But we paid a terrible price. So, how about let’s not do anything like that ever again?

Instead, no matter what happens on Election Day, let’s all just be cool to each other. Here in North Carolina, you don’t have to go far to find someone with opposing political views. After this, we all still have to live together.

Whether you think American is great or that it needs to be made great again, let’s detox from this election by assuming the best in each other. Because that’s what it means to be a great country.

1 Comment

  1. Julius H Cromwell

    I think what makes America great is that a person like Donald Trump can run for the presidency of the United States of America.

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