When the public sector does it better

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Editor's Blog

In today’s Daily Read, Elena Botella explains that the public sector sometimes works best:

I went to Charlotte-Mecklenburg public schools for 13 years. From my perspective, my CMS education was just as good as any other public or private K-12 education. For that, I feel extremely lucky. My teachers were bright and committed to their jobs. When I graduated I had my pick of Ivy League schools or a full-ride at Duke, and I felt prepared for all my first-year coursework. I’m well aware there are huge inequities between the best and worst public schools. Nevertheless, in comparing my high school, Myers Park, where the per pupil expenditures come in around $5,379, and Charlotte’s most successful private schools, where high school tuition exceeds $21,000, I can say quite simply that the tenured government bureaucrats at Myers Park are doing something right. But how could this possibly be? Haven’t we all learned that government employees are scum, and all government organizations bureaucratic nightmares? Read More >



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