Wingin’ it

by | Oct 19, 2013 | NC Politics, NCGov

If one photo captured the buffoonish egotism that defines Pat McCrory, it was one of him chowing down on the serving knife at Wake Tech’s birthday party. As usual, he was wingin’ it, living for the moment and hoping we would keep on loving him. He seems to believe nonsense like this, which helps explain his perpetually confusing behavior.

It’s not just table manners he likes to improvise. In spite of the obvious, he has devised a bewildering theory of why the media roughs him up. Apparently, a couple of shoe-string operations in Raleigh are conspiring with the New York Times to strangle his governorship. This idea is so far into tinfoil hat territory that there’s only one way to explain it–he’s wearing the hat.

But if that one’s oddly straightforward, his other peculiarities are more perplexing. Not only is his embrace of “Guatemalanomics” destructive, it is also strange considering that he once battled the theory. This can be understood, however, as a sign that he is too shallow to notice the contradiction. Never mind that the John Locke Foundation once called him a “demagogue.” As far as he’s concerned, they’ve been with him all along.

“Salarygate” cost McCrory significant support, but he has refused to back down. When he insisted on McKillip’s and Diaz’s qualifications, many of us were left speechless. However, he may be so entranced by their resumes that their talents seem “monumental.” In other words, he believes the pint-sized politicos deserve our money, lots of it.

Theoretically, McCrory could look in the mirror and see how ridiculous he looks. Perhaps that was in the plans, given that he wanted to spend six figures remodeling his bathroom. But theories require evidence, and the evidence is that this man has made the greatest mistake in politics: Believing your own bullshit.



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