If somebody wanted to do a serious study on the mindset of wing-nuts, they should go no further than North Carolina. Between the GOP U.S. Senate primary and the North Carolina Democratic Party debacle, wing-nut mentality is on full display. While the issues that consume the nuts from the left and right are different, they share more than a few characteristics.

First, there is the savior mentality. On the GOP side, Greg Brannon and his Tea Partiers are going to save the nation and their party from those who would subvert the constitution and steal our liberty and freedom. At the North Carolina Democratic Party, the wing-nuts are saving the party from the corporate shills and DINOs who have ruined the party and lost the General Assembly and Governor’s Mansion.

Next, they are constantly under attack by an unjust establishment. The crowd at the NCDP is besieged by consultants and establishment types who are telling donors not to give to the party. Greg Brannon is under attack by the court system and the politically motivated lawsuits.

On a related note, they can do no wrong. Brannon certainly didn’t defraud those investors and failure to pay property taxes and plagiarism are really nothing to worry about. Over at the North Carolina Democratic Party, all those embarrassing stories on The Daily Show and national news stories following the David Parker press conference had no impact on donor relations or the credibility of the state party.

And the news media? Just a bunch of liars out to get us. Both the left and right wing-nuts refer to the “lame stream media.” On the right, Fox News is the only trustworthy news source and on the left, it’s MSNBC.

I’m sure there are more examples and probably better ones. The language that both sides use and their disdain for anything they consider “establishment” (which is anybody who disagrees with them) is remarkably similar. Maybe they should form their own club, but then they would be an establishment.


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