Attention Progress NC: A prank awaits. McCrory’s big “#brandNC” project just begs for a motherlode of mocking emails. Liberals could inundate him with slogans that reflect our real, McCrory-era reputation. Here are some suggestions:

North Carolina: Bringing you a better yesterday!

No Federal Laws Need Apply.

Or that old standby, First in Foolishness.

You get the idea. As many have noted, the Republicans did indeed transform our brand. An effort, even a tongue-in-cheek one, to articulate the true nature of that change would at least add some honesty to the initiative. It might even force the guv to confront reality!

Okay, fine. Nothing will. The man’s an ardent practitioner of confirmation bias. In his mind, Sharon Decker’s billboards will inspire awe and desire, and the most potent dose of reality cannot debase that glorious image.

But we can’t let his delusions go unchallenged. There’s a price to pay for humiliating almost ten million people. Sarcastic Democrats, a desperate citizenry turns its eyes to you.


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