Ever notice how Randy Voller looks like an overweight Vladimir Lenin? Well, now you can notice how his leadership style mimics the Bolshevik leader also. Voller has decided that he’s dictator of the Democratic Party.

First, he fired a competent executive director with little support from the staff or executive committee. Now, he’s hiring a guy with no experience in political campaigns to  run the organization charged with leading the state in electing Democrats. Again, Voller’s got little support.

Oh, and did I mention that the new ED has a history of sexual harassment complaints? Didn’t we just have a problem with that at the party? And did I also mention that one of those claims was made while he was a lieutenant of Louis Farrakhan, the homophobic, anti-semitic leader of the Nation of Islam? 

Maybe Ben Chavis has just been a victim of circumstance. He was certainly a victim of North Carolina’s legacy of racism. But that doesn’t qualify him to be ED of the Party. He’s a controversial figure coming into a party that needs stability, not headlines. The role of executive director is operational, not inspirational. His role will be to oversee the day-to-day operation of the state party and to elect candidates, not promote an agenda or organize a movement.

That’s the role of the NAACP and Moral Mondays. They are doing a damn good job. Now somebody needs to build a GOTV operation, develop a message and provide a lot of Democratic candidates cover while they try to organize campaigns. That’s the role of the party.

Randy Voller quite clearly sees himself as an autocratic leader who is not responsible to anyone. Robert Dempsey was hired after an extensive search process and he was vetted by the executive committee. This time, Voller’s chucked the process aside and is making unilateral decisions that ignore any protocol.

Voller’s far more interested in being around famous people than he is in rebuilding the Democratic Party. At a time when Democrats need someone with a single-minded focus on electing candidates, they have a guy bent on ideological purity and self-promotion. He’s quickly doing to Democrats what the Tea Party did to Republicans.


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