For years, the Tin Foil Hat caucus that supports Randy Voller now, and supported David Parker before, spent much of their time obsessing over conspiracy theories about hidden scandals within the state Democratic Party headquarters. One story line centers on consultants, like me, who have done work for the party in the past. According to them, we’re all trying to get into the party coffers through manipulating our connections with party officers or staff.

Well, I’ve got a conspiracy theory for them.

When Randy Voller was elected chair, he brought to the party with him a guy named Michael Carmichael. Carmichael claims to be a political consultant, among many other things.

Party activists took offense at Voller hiring Carmichael with no specific job duties and no oversight from the Executive Council. The activists wanted Voller to go. To settle the feud, Voller and his critics reached an agreement. The critics agreed to quit calling for Voller’s dismissal and the chair agreed to end the contract with Carmichael’s firm, CC & Associates. Everything was over.

Or so it seemed. Now, Voller is trying to bring in Ben Chavis. Know who the other C in CC & Associates is? You got it. Ben Chavis.

Why does Randy Voller keep trying to hire to Michael Carmichael and Ben Chavis? Who are those “Associates?” Is Randy Voller one? Does it not violate the terms of the agreement to hire a member of CC & Associates? And is it just coincidence that the attorney who set up CC & Associates, David Harris, is also now the attorney for the Democratic Party? And does he have a conflict of interest? Does Harris have any background in election law? If not, why the hell is he the attorney for the North Carolina Democratic Party?

I also wonder how long this plan to hire Chavis has been in the works. Is it just a coincidence that Voller waited until after the State Executive Committee on February 1 to fire Dempsey? Or was Voller trying to avoid the scrutiny of the SEC in firing Dempsey and hiring Chavis?

And finally, why would anyone want this crowd dealing with Party money, or anybody’s money for that matter? Voller has or had tax liens against him and also used the Party credit card to go to on vacation to Las Vegas. Even if he paid the money back, it shows a cavalier approach to financial responsibility. Meanwhile, Chavis tried to use NAACP money to pay off a sexual harassment suit and his tenure as the leader of a Nation of Islam Mosque in New York was full of accusations of sexual and financial misconduct.

So, that should be plenty for the Tin Foil Hat caucus to chew on for awhile. If they are worried about consultants plundering the party, their antennas should be flying off their heads right now.


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