North Carolina was once referred to as “A valley of humility between two mountains of conceit.” The mountains were the aristocratic states of South Carolina and Virginia. Well, this week, we can say that there’s valley of verbosity between mountains of deceit. Pat McCrory is spending time with the Heritage Foundation, led by former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, and Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli, a right-wing zealot who is about to lose.

If a man is known by the company he keeps, McCrory is keeping a couple of doozies here. DeMint is the Tea Party favorite who left the Senate to drag Heritage off the right side of the earth. Cuccinelli is the Virginia Attorney General who is so far to the right that he’s handed the governor’s mansion to Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a guy who is almost a parody of the sleazy pol.

McCrory, who ran as a moderate, is cozying up to the extremists. Heritage orchestrated the recent government shutdown and DeMint is leading the once-prominent think tank down the road of ruin. He’s drunk too much of the Tea and has probably done more damage to the GOP than any Democrat could possibly do. It can be argued that DeMint cost Republicans the Senate with his support of nutty GOP primary candidates (think Christine “Witch” O’Donnell) who actually won the nomination only to get crushed in the general election.

Cuccinelli, for his part, is a hard core social conservative who is obsessed with sodomy. He’s been endorsed by Rick Santorum and questions whether climate change is real. The guy is a poster child for why the GOP is failing.

But McCrory? He’s wading right in. Going to hang out with the wayward think tank on Monday. Then heading over to Virginia to see if he can salvage a deck chair or two from the Titanic.

I guess the folks at Heritage are a bit more hospitable than the local reporters. Heritage didn’t ask him about Aldona Wos or hiring campaign cronies at inflated salaries. They just teed up a couple of questions, including giving him the opportunity to hint at expanding Medicaid. And as for Cuccinelli, his career is soon to be over. McCrory can see if he regain some his credibility with Virginians since he’s squandered it all with North Carolinians.


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