When the Supreme Court struck down the Texas law designed to shutter abortion clinics across the state, they also exposed the Orwellian deception that the current brand of Republicans uses to deny people’s rights. Texas Republicans said the bill was meant to protect women’s health. The Supreme Court, and everyone, else knew that was false and they called out the Texas lawmakers.

In North Carolina, Republicans use similar arguments to deny people the right to vote. They created voter fraud to justify making access to the ballot box more difficult for people who might vote against them. Nobody heard a word about voter fraud until Barack Obama was elected president and suddenly it was an excuse to require voter IDs, shorten the number of early voting days, end same-day registration, move voting locations, and stop pre-registration of 16 and 17 year-olds. Let’s hope eventually the court lays bare the deception of the voter fraud argument, too.

The GOP also “protected” our women and children by passing House Bill 2 that discriminated against the LGBT community. The bill not only regulates who can use which bathroom, it denies people the right to sue when they are discriminated against in the workplace. Just for good measure, they denied local governments the ability to raise the minimum wage. That really kept women safe.

We see similar arguments when the GOP claims that it’s increasing school funding even though per pupil spending plummets. We’re one of the fastest growing states in the nation and our education funding has failed to keep pace with population growth. As a result, our schools and our kids suffer from a lack of resources. Now, the GOP is using the struggling, underfunded schools as an excuse to turn over entire systems to for-profit charter agencies.

Politicians have always used spin to make their arguments. They exaggerate and use arguments that might appeal to their supporters or detractors. But the GOP has been twisting reality. The Supreme Court called them on it in Texas. Let’s hope they call them on it in North Carolina, too.


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