Okay. So Randy Voller has succeeded in making an ass of himself and embarrassing the North Carolina Democratic Party. He should probably step down for the good of the party but he won’t and with the current party rules, there’s no viable way to remove him. Besides, nobody is waiting in the wings to take the helm and we really don’t want another debacle like the attempt to remove the previous buffoon.

So maybe what we need to do is help Voller fix the party. To do that, Voller needs to take specific actions to show that he is sincere in his desire to get back on track. For the rest of us, once he makes concrete steps toward reversing course, we need to quit shooting at him.

For his part, Voller needs to empty the clown car. He’s accumulated a group of misfits who have virtually no real political experience but have somehow convinced themselves, and Randy, that they do. Then, he needs to quietly blend into the background and do the job that the chair is supposed to do.

He’s got a new executive director coming to town who has real experience working in campaigns and political organizations. Randy should demand the resignation of everybody at Party headquarters and have them reapply for their jobs. It’s pretty standard operating procedure when party leadership turns over.

The new ED doesn’t need to be subjected to the infighting we’ve seen in recent months. He needs the space to put together a professional leadership team that includes a finance director, political director and communications coordinator. Once those operations are functional again, we can begin rebuilding trust with donors and credibility with the press and the public.

If Voller wants to salvage his reputation, he needs disappear long enough for people to forget the past month. He needs to quietly help the new ED succeed in rebuilding a professional party operation. He needs to work with elected party leaders to reform the governing process of the party to wrest control from the conspiracy theorists and wing-nuts who wield too much power. And he needs to focus on the re-election Kay Hagan and picking up a few seats in the General Assembly because that will do more for his rehabilitation than anything he can possibly do today.

The role of the Democratic Party is to elect Democrats and support those who are already in office. It’s not a vehicle to promote the aspirations of the Party Chair. It needs to get back to it’s core mission.


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