Daily Perspective: July 8th

In today's Daily Perspective: Medicaid Expansion and the veto override, and a look at the US Senate race as fundraising numbers are released by some of the campaigns. 

Daily Perspective: July 3rd

This episode, we discuss Medicaid expansion in NC, Thomas Jefferson and the Q2 fundraising numbers from three of the Democratic presidential aspirants.

Medicaid Expansion: Now, Not Later

Then-candidate Roy Cooper made Medicaid expansion a key plank in his list of issues. Now, two years into his tenure, is the first real opportunity to do it. With Democrats clawing back a handful of seats both in the House and Senate last year, Republicans no longer...

Failing Upwards, Revisited

Last December I put together a little piece examining the fact that former Rep. Justin Burr, from Stanly, snagged a prime job right off of his electoral defeat. Burr, who has no experience at all in the field for which he would be responsible in this job, skated...

Daily Perspective: June 19

Though Eric Mansfield and Cal Cunningham are making the biggest splash, today we examine two other candidates in the Democratic primary who have been running for a few months now: Erica Smith and Trevor Fuller, and what it takes for them to compete in a statewide...

Organizing the South

The Southern United States has always been averse to the idea of unionized workforces. At its core, much of that is born out of the agrarian history of the region. From the nation’s inception, the South has been an economy driven by agriculture. In fact, the “peculiar...

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