The Ashley Madison hack has provided plenty of fodder for the internet over the past few days. It exposed hypocrites like the already ethically-challenged Josh Duggar and at least one Christian youtube crusader. Even the head of the Louisiana GOP had an account.

Here in North Carolina, the Civitas Institute reported that more than 30 state or local officials had an account. Civitas was quick to condemn the accounts as a waste of government resources. “This is just the tip of the iceberg of government employees using taxpayer resources for personal use. Unfortunately, people will be distracted by the salacious nature of this abuse and not the fact that North Carolinians are being taxed to support government at all levels using state and local resources to engage in this activity at work as opposed to serving the people of North Carolina,” they said in a press release.

Tip of the iceberg? Please. Nobody wasted any state resources and there’s no evidence that the accounts were set up on government time. It didn’t cost the state one red cent for those people to use their state email addresses to sign up to have an extramarital affair. It proves that we hire some people who aren’t smart enough to get a gmail account when engaging in nefarious internet activities, but that’s about it.

In reality, it was just an excuse for Civitas to beat up on public employees. By their reckoning all government workers are just shiftless layabouts sucking off the taxpayer teat who are too lazy to get real jobs in the private sector. The bullies at Civitas are once again making blanket statements demeaning the work ethic of government employees with little to back up their claims. Their goal is to humiliate and demoralize public workers who can’t fire back. 

If they really want to go after somebody for feeding at the taxpayer trough, they should be going after House Speaker Tim Moore. Moore just took a gig as Cleveland County’s attorney. He’ll be paid a retainer of $25,000 plus $250 an hour. The Board of Commissioners also hired a full-time attorney, who is called “assistant County Attorney,” to take care of most of the work. County Commission meetings are held on Tuesday nights while legislative session run Monday to Thursday, so Moore will either be ignoring his job in Cleveland County or the one Raleigh since he can’t be both places at once. Shelby, where meetings are held, is three hours drive from Raleigh.

It sure looks like Moore just got a job that pays him a minimum of $25,000 and he won’t have to even do anything–or not much of anything. Moore is also the attorney for the Cleveland County Water District, another taxpayer-funded job. He’s also getting paid $38,000 to be a legislator and Speaker of House, all at taxpayer expense.

If Civitas really wants to complain, they should start with Moore. He’s patched together enough government gigs to pay him a nice salary that funds his political career. If they want to pick on somebody, they should pick on somebody their own size and quit looking like just another bunch of conservative hypocrites. 


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