Nobody is making bigger fools of the GOP than Trump. Well, maybe they’re making fools of themselves but Trump is exposing how foolish they are. After acquitting Trump of charges that he asked Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival, Trump is now bragging about asking the Ukrainians to dig up dirt on his political rival. 

It’s more explicit than OJ’s “If I Did It” admission.  Back in November, Trump denied that he sent Rudy Giuliani to look into any matters in Ukraine. Yesterday, he defended sending Giuliani to do what he once said didn’t happen. But nothing matters anymore. 

Republicans who at first denied anything happened now accept that the president can do whatever he wants. It’s okay for him to collaborate with foreign countries instead of our own Department of Justice to investigate Americans. It’s okay to withhold Congressionally approved aid to get personal or political favors. And it’s okay for him to instruct the Attorney General to intervene in criminal cases involving the president’s friends and political allies. 

Maine Senator Susan Collins insisted that Trump has learned his lesson so he needed to be acquitted. What he really learned was that Congress has no spine and that Republicans fear him. His dismissal of Colonel Vindman and his brother was meant to humiliate and to send a warning to others that their obligation is to him, not the Constitution. Vindman could have been quietly reassigned but instead was publicly escorted from the White House. The modern GOP is apparently okay with that. 

In North Carolina, Richard Burr released a statement saying Democrats failed to prove their case. Now, Donald Trump is bragging that they did. Burr sullied any legacy he might have had.

As for Tillis, he falls squarely in the toady category. He would gladly empty Donald Trump’s chamber pot if it got him a pat on the head. He stands for nothing and barely has a fig leaf covering his naked ambition.

So all those Republicans who claimed Trump didn’t do anything in Ukraine were used by the president and now made to look like fools or toadies. Fortunately for Trump, they’ve lost any sense of honor or dignity so they have no sense of shame. They will continue to roll over as Trump exerts increasing influence over career public servants and the institutions they work for. There’s nobody to restrain him.


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