I have long been impressed with the savvy of Lt. Governor Dan Forest’s political operation. His ability to transcend the divide between the Tea Party and the Republican establishment will serve him well in the future. Now, Forest is out with a petition, encouraging Sean Hannity to leave the icy realms of New York and relocate to the sunny lands of North Carolina. This comes in the aftermath of NY Gov. Cuomo’s comments that conservative “extremists” are not welcome in New York.

In a recent post on this site, I argued that Cuomo’s comments demanded a response from North Carolina conservatives. I suggested that McCrory write an op-ed, inviting conservative New Yorkers to head South if they didn’t feel welcome in their home state. But this is actually a better idea. Hannity is a national figure, and getting him to relocate here would encourage other conservatives to do the same. Failure to land Hannity means one less person voting against Kay Hagan in November.

Forest even praised the Tar Heel State’s barbecue in his effort to lure Hannity. He, wisely, chose not to pick a side in the Eastern vs. Western-style debate. (Eastern vinegar-based is the only correct answer.)


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