“If Jennifer Roberts, Roy Cooper and the far-left Political Correctness Mob she’s unleashed really care about the economic future of her city, they’ll stop the misinformation campaign immediately … before more damage is done” 

That’s part of the statement released by Senate President Pro-tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore in response to Pay Pal announcing it won’t be adding jobs in North Carolina after all. I would be embarrassed if any of my clients ever released something like that. That’s the language of social media warriors, not state leaders.

Their statement is a pathetic attempt to shift the blame for the loss of business from Pat McCrory and the legislature to the City of Charlotte and its new mayor, Jennifer Roberts. It won’t work. The GOP has lost control of the message. The debate is no longer about bathrooms. It’s about discrimination. And if they keep releasing silly statements like this one, it will be about them.

The businesses that are protesting House Bill 2 can read. They know that the bill goes far beyond the bathroom issue, stripping away protections for LGBT citizens everywhere and limiting the ability of workers to sue if they’re harmed by discrimination. They also know that the language of the legislators pushing the bill is bigoted and fear-mongering, implying that transgender people are pedophiles and perverts. Today’s businesses don’t want to work in places that treat some of their employees like second-class citizens. The western world is becoming more tolerant, not less.

The North Carolina Republican leadership has gone full Trump. They’ve shed any veneer of respectability or maturity. Now they’re hurling insults and threatening people, just like their likely presidential nominee. Like Trump, they’re clearly not concerned about winning the moderate middle. They’re using juvenile and hyper-partisan rhetoric to try to regain control of the debate. It might work with a portion of their base, but it’s not the language that wins elections in North Carolina.


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