Well, it looks like it’s not only Democrats smelling blood in the water, Republicans are, too. Governor Pat McCrory has been so hapless and inept that even the GOP sees him as lame duck just nine months into his first term.

While the dissatisfaction has bubbled under the surface in Republican circles, it’s starting to rise to the top. Yesterday, Lt. Governor Dan Forest announced that he believes that North Carolina teachers should be the highest paid in the nation. He wouldn’t say how he would pay for those raises, just that the money is there somewhere.

Forest is quite clearly staking out ground. He will probably come to rue that statement without any plan to implement it, but, still, it’s a slap at the governor and legislature. It will be interesting to see how his Tea Party audience reacts.

Unless we see pretty dramatic changes in the economy or the executive branch, expect to see more Republicans send up little trial balloons in the next few months. The GOP saw what happened when the wounded Bev Perdue waited until January to announce she was not running for re-election. They don’t want that to happen. Besides, there are plenty of big egos in the new-found Republican majority who, I’m sure, think they can do better than McCrory.


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