Kicking the hornets’ nest

by | May 3, 2023 | Editor's Blog | 41 comments

Republicans in the legislature may have just kicked the hornets’ nest. Yesterday, they announced a plan to ban abortions after 12 weeks, with a graduated series of exceptions for instances of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. There’s no exceptions for the viability of the fetus, meaning some women will have to carry seriously deformed fetuses to term. 

North Carolina already has a 20-week ban that took effect after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Republicans are now expanding the ban to keep their base happy. They’re also feeding the anger of the pro-choice majority in the state and may well be awakening the young voters who are their greatest threat. 

In 2022, Democrats across the country held off the predicted Republican wave on the strength of younger voters. Unfortunately, in North Carolina, the under 40 crowd didn’t participate at the level they did in other states, leaving us with a Republican-majority Supreme Court and a Trumper as a U.S. Senator. This proposed 12-week ban, combined with the nomination of a Trump or Trump-like candidate for president, may give those voters the impetus to show up in droves next year.

The GOP is already lining up to nominate a slate of extremist candidates and adding an abortion ban could create a heightened sense of concern among Democratic leaning voters as well as the middle. Mark Robinson is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination for governor and Trump is likely to be the presidential nominee. Now, Axios is reporting that Dan Bishop is considering a run for attorney general. The author of HB-2 and election denier will help define the GOP as the party of extremists. 

Republicans are getting too smug with their veto-proof majority in the legislature and starting to believe their own press. North Carolina is a moderate state that’s evenly divided. Candidates like Mark Robinson and Dan Bishop will push the party in a decidedly reactionary direction that won’t appeal to moderate swing voters and may fire up the Democratic base. Passing extremist legislation like the abortion ban and a voucher scheme that shifts money from public schools to private ones will underscore the cost of electing the far right.  

Younger voters need something to vote against to drive them to the polls. In 2018, they showed up in droves to vote against Donald Trump. In 2022, turnout among voters under 40 fell by more than four percent. In contrast, it increased by about three percent among voters over 65 and held steady for middle aged voters. Given a ban on abortion, the guy called gay people “filth,” and the author of HB-2, younger people have plenty to scare them to polls in 2024. 


  1. Lisa and Mark Finkelstein

    Ringlet: Politicians are no better or worse than ever. Three Republican Congressman were convicted of Federal Felonies in 2018 and 2019, but pardoned by President Trump in January of 2021. Congressman Fortenberry, another Republican, was convicted in 2021. Republicans tend to send their best into business and their worst into government because they tend not to see government service as a high calling. Check this out:

  2. D L Etheridge

    Girls [sic]? Why not, “Guys, don’t have sex unless you are in a long-term committed relationship.”

    Do you think that only in “accidental” pregnancies can non-viable fetuses that aren’t miscarried occur?

    And you might note that, even in long-term committed relationship, contraceptive methods – even tubal ligation and vasectomy – don’t work perfectly.

    • ringlet86

      sure it could be both ways. but don’t have sex unless you are willing to accept the consequences. Pretty simple.

  3. Rick Gunter

    Laugh at me as much as you want. But Donald Trump will not be the GOP nominee for president in 2024 unless he manages to run from behind bar and ignorant Republicans nominate him again. If he is not trried, conviced, and sent to the pen, then kiss the rule of law in America goodbye.

    • ringlet86

      He is not going to jail. The case is too weak even though they make it seem like it a slam dunk. Its not. Personally I don’t care. Live die Jal or not who cares. I just want to tell you guys so your are not shocked and disappointed when what you happen the most for does not happen. There are a variety of reasons the number one is that they don’t want anything like this to happen to them.

      Ever notice that has not been a big congressional; scandal since ABSCAM? Its not because they have suddenly found virtue! How else can you walk into Congress penniless and leave a multi-millionaire. The parties have agreed to cover for each other. For that reason Trump will never serve a minute in any jail cell ever,

      If he runs, he will lose.

      • cocodog

        Pearls of legal wisdom from ringlet, I will contact the folks over at Harvard Law Review! LOL

        • ringlet86

          The law has nothing to do with it. You’ll see.

          I’ll really be surprised if it turns out otherwise.

          • cocodog

            Yes, and there are Lizards from outer space. Just another conspiracy theory coming from somebody who does not understand the cases being made by the Feds and State prosecutors. They may be just public employees, but they are incredibly good at what they do!

          • ringlet86

            My point is, its much more politics than law. I’ve seen so many politician walk unscathed and unaccoutable for their misdeeds I’ve very little faith in the law when a politician is involved.

            Its like this:

            Ironically We just released the real guy!

            Just remember this and we’ll see if I am right. Hopefully I’ll be wrong.

            but If I am right… Well tell me what you think then. I’d like to know.

          • cocodog

            I do not believe you got it Ring. Today the Feds convicted four of the five Proud Republicans for violating a statute dating back to the civil war, conspiracy to commit SEDITION. This means the Feds have established the existence of a conspiracy (criminal agreement). Linking other defendants as co-conspirators should be simple. Moreover, one of the Proud Republicans, could make his life easier, by testifying against (roll over on) other co-conspirators. Understand, to be convicted of conspiracy, does not require the accused to be present during the commission of the crime. I am sure some folks are not sleeping well, knowing that that each day they wake up is one day closer to jail.

          • ringlet86

            its one thing to toss a few “nobodies” in the pen. Its quite another to do so to a connected billionaire former President.

            If they can prove he did the crimes. He should go to jail. In the clown world we live in I can see Trump accepting a full guilty plea and get no jail time of any kind!

            We’ve been in the rules for thee but not for me realm for a LOOONG time time.

            All I can say is we’ll see.

          • cocodog

            Ring, right off the top Trump is not a real billionaire according to his tax returns moreover, he owes millions and each month one or more of those notes come due. He likes to play a billionaire to impress folks like you. Jeffery Epstein, being a billionaire, did not work for him. Trump’s status as ex-president did not affect the issuance of a search warrant, nor prevent the Feds from executing it and seizing classified documents. Nor did it prevent his formal accusation and subsequent arrest in NY. Conspiracy theories are fun, but they pan out to nothing. Offering up a movie plot to convey your thoughts is ridiculous. Have you ever learned movies are written to entertain, not to be cited by serious people?

          • ringlet86

            You have faith in the law.

            I don’t.

            We’ll see what happens

    • cocodog

      Nobody with any degree of common sense could laugh at you. As to Trump candidacy, remember this is a party that organized and direct a band of morons to go to the capital, beat up police officers, destroy historical property and hang the vice president. Anything is possible. But I seriously cannot see any voter in their right mind putting Trump in the White house. As to incarceration, the Feds run a witness protection program, that deals with folks who may be in custody for a crime but provide valuable information regarding another crime. Returning that inmate to the general population is not advisable. So, they house him or her on a military base or some other federal facility. You are correct in saying nobody should be above the law.

  4. Ed Harrison

    I’m not yet assuming Trump will be the Repug’s nominee.

    • ringlet86

      Well I know he not getting my vote no matter what.

      Too old.

      • cocodog

        Clever idea for a Republican. He brings the wrong baggage to the office. Being an accused rapist, liar, patron of sex workers and tax evader. If elected he will reinstate the disease of corruption, skim off as much as he can and friend up to folks who do not like this country. BUT Democrats are looking forward to running against him. If fact, we will make special arrangements for his favorite makeup artists to dye his hair orange and plaster him with tons of orange pancake at his cell for all the debates. We will even allow him to play a recording or better yet bring the one-six choir to create his walking on music. We would do that for Trump because we believe all candidates have equal rights. Of course, the warden may have other ideas.

        • ringlet86

          Coco…Your Trump derangement Syndrome is flaring up…. Get some help. lol

          • cocodog

            I see you are acquainted with Euripides, not bad for a person who has not shown much in the way of formal education in the art of politics. LOL

          • ringlet86

            What can I say? I’m just full of surprises 😉

          • cocodog

            You might say I take it personally when goons obstruct lawful functions of government, beat up police officers, destroy property belonging to the people of this country, and defecate in the hallways of my national capital. Criminal prosecution of all involved sends a message, you pull these shenanigans again, a jail cell awaits you. You are unfit to live among civilized folks.

  5. cocodog

    Why is it so difficult for Republican leadership to not see the devastating effect these crazy laws will have in destroying their chances of electing candidates on a national level. One Republican commentator mentioned he voted for Trump because he gave the establishment the middle finger. Is this the criteria Republicans are using to evaluate political candidates?

    • TC

      Because they don’t care Coco. In the end, absolute power corrupts, absolutely. There is no check or balance to what they do. They control two sides of the power triangle. They have carte blanche to do as they please. They can pander to the base and give them every wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth, maniacal, dictatorial law and policy that crosses their mind or is put forth by a big money donor. Who is going to stop them?

      Is it what the people want? It’s what some of the people want. And some don’t care what it is or how moronic it is as long as it runs counter to what Democrats or the libs want. Apparently elected bodies no longer represent all of the people anymore and it’s been that way for a long time. It’s no longer a compromise of competing interests of the people. It’s about what they themselves believe and want to passed into law and everyone else can just suck it up.

      They’re elected; they know best. You know, other government service jobs have qualification tests, perhaps a test to qualify elected officials to hold office is a premise whose time is long overdue.

      I know that is a non-starter but if you’re going to dream, dream big.

      • ringlet86

        Politicians of every stripe all have the same character flaws. Democrats would do, and have done the exact same thing. I’m not condoning, only trying to add some balance.

        and once again in this place I see again horrible characterizations of your fellow man.

        “..wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth, maniacal, dictatorial…” Another post wherein coco states that he see his fellow man as “wanna be Slavers, Bigots, racists, and backwards.”

        All of you should keep in mind, as I try as well I’m not perfect.

        “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu

        Do you think a person who thinks of his fellow man as a racist, bigot, foaming at the mouth simpleton is a reasonable stance to take?
        Or has God (or fill in the blank for whatever you see fit its the point that matters) has deprived you of reason?

        “If they can get you to believe absurdities, they can get you to commit atrocities”… Voltaire. (As an aside I think the Nazi’s said the Jews were magical beings, which is absurd. See where it can lead.)


        “Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. (Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason)


        • TC

          I think, you should start a petition. Have the words of Lao Tzu carved into the header of the entrance going into the legislature. But then, words are simply words without context, aren’t they?

          I never said that I thought of my fellow man as those things. Those adjectives were assigned to the ideas, laws, and policies. Why? Because I find it contemptuous that a legislative body, who by the state constitution garners their power from the will of the people, chooses to go through their perfunctory motions without due regard of the “people.” Which begs the questions, “what people?” “Which people?” “How many people?” “All the people?” “Just the people who vote?” “Just the people that are politically aligned with us?” How do you respond to that? How do you ignore a majority group of the population on any issue and claim you represent the people? The lawmakers think themselves entirely rational in their machinations.

          You can’t rationalize what happens now with what that party or person did in the past nor do you get to speculate on what might have been done…if. Your crystal ball stays broke just like mine does. Just because it was done though, does that make it okay? If that’s the case, Pandora’s box just opened wide. Does this game of political brinkmanship ever stop? How can we, as a species, as a people, move forward when we are perpetually working at moving backward? 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. There comes a time to stop plowing and plant. There will come a time when the pendulum will swing back in the opposite direction. The knee jerk to the knee jerk. Will I be on here voicing my discontent with extremist policies, laws, and ideas? You bet! I’ll probably use some of the same words I’ve used here. I have a limited vocabulary.

          Nazis thought Jewish people, gypsies, Slavs, and other groups were sub-human. They definitely weren’t of Aryan decent in the National Socialist narrative. Those groups were blamed for the woes that befell Germany and Weimar Republic post World War I and when depression hit globally in the ’30’s. There are more reasons, those will suffice.

          None of us are perfect. I’ve never claimed to be. Far from it actually. But there comes in time a level of frustration and insolence that deserves a tone illustrative of that frustration.

          That time, for me, has arrived.

      • cocodog

        Today TC, there are four Proud Boys who wished they had cared. They will spend the best part of their lives learning what happens when they do not care.

        • TC

          They made a choice Coco and they chose poorly. True believers in something that was a fallacy from inception. Just like I was told growing up, “The easiest lessons are often the hardest learned.”

          A pity. I wonder what could have been accomplished if that passion and commitment had been used for laudable pursuits?

  6. Nancy Scott

    North Carolina Dems are the party of freedom: freedom to vote, freedom to have a state supported “sound,basic education,” freedom to protect our kids and ourselves from gun violence, freedom to be in charge of our own bodies, freedom to be who we are, freedom to read, freedom to take action against climate change, and freedom to protest against authoritarian rule… to name a few.

    • ringlet86

      “… freedom to vote…” As long as it for what we want.
      “… freedom to have a state supported “sound,basic education,”…” As long as it ONLY state school teaching ONLY what we want…”
      “…freedom to protect our kids and ourselves from gun violence,…” By denying other people theirs.
      “…Freedom to be in charge of our own bodies,…By making poor choice and killing the consequences? Not sure about this one.
      “… freedom to be who we are.” What you determine? or what God made you? Its not clear.
      “…freedom to read…” Not sure about this, as an adult you can read whatever you want.
      “…freedom to take action against climate change.” You are free to do that now, You just can’t FORCE your CHOICES onto anyone else.
      “… freedom to protest against authoritarian rule” So you headed to China? Or Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea? This is a bit weird.

    • ringlet86

      I said that. (But I am not a republican) And he was. And that why the deep state, establishment, RINO (fill in the blank) types absolutely HATE him. and have gone to extraordinary lengths to get him. Its why his first two years (when he had both houses in Congress) He got nothing. Because they did not want to do anything with or for him because he is not their guy. He not a part of their club. They liked him for his money, and only when they needed it and that was BOTH parties. When he was messing with their well order grift. They had a problem with it. Both Parties And The executive branch SES guys. literally hate his guts.

      In another post I mentioned I wanted to see Democrats walk away from the big corporate party they are now and go back to working for the little guy. like the 60s and 70s. The carpenter, plumbers, Truckers. The bud light drinkers demographic. Salt of the earth work 12 hours a day, six days a week, dirty hands guys. Starting with Obama the Democrat party turned on those guys with all sorts of epithets called them stupid, advocated for trade deals that closed their factories, their mills, and mines, tied them up with regulation etc, and took The blacks COMPLETELY for granted. ( Still do)

      Trump won because he spoke to those guys. Told them I may not be able to solve it all, but you can’t do any worse, so why not try me?

      Now for this. “…Why is it so difficult for Republican leadership to not see the devastating effect these crazy laws will have in destroying their chances of electing candidates on a national level….”

      First you will have to explain how this will be “devastating” since none of it is law, its not even introduced yet. Its just proposed.
      Second The National level Republicans are a different animal that the State one. The Republicans are not nearly as lock step with iron clad unison like the dems are (The democrats are frankly scary with brainwashing levels of unity. Its kind of scary really, absolutely no variance at all. Its not normal.) The whole Cotham thing showed that. Also the Republican in DC are far more moderate.

      My view from the cheap seats anyway.

      I don’t believe Trump will get the nomination. If he does he will lose the election. Frankly you guys should work to get him the nomination his odds to lose is quite good.

      Biden will be back in the basement out of the way.

  7. Blandy Fisher

    Ditto Laura. I also think the antediluvian Dem party leadership cost us dearly in the last election. So glad to see Anderson Clayton and her crew in charge!

    • ringlet86

      I heard Andrea Clayton can bend metal with her bare hands and leap tall buildings in a single bound too. And I heard she’s known to walk on water and turn water into wine, and she fed a huge crowd with just two loaves of bread!

      Unless she is going to get our party to stop being obstructionist and actually stand FOR something instead of always being AGAINST something. Expect more of the same.

      Here is hoping.

  8. Laura Reich

    Great piece. You forgot permit less carry. The abortion bill also wants women to have 3 separate in person appointments for medication abortion, each 72 hours apart. Women can make their own decisions, we are not second class citizens. The backlash is coming.

  9. ringlet86

    I recommend that everyone read the article.

    Its not as bad a Mr. Mills makes it out to be. In this day and age getting pregnant accidentally should is nigh on impossible. If you are responsible. Regardless Girls don’t have sex unless your are in a long term committed relationship.

    Safe, Legal and rare is the Standard set by Bill Clinton and Democrats should still stand by it.

    Its nice to see the crazies in the Republican party were rebuffed. This is a compromise

    This is kinda a non issue really.

    • Laura Reich

      Compromise.? 3 in person appointments, each 72 hours apart for medication abortion. There will be new regulations for abortion clinics. If they can’t meet them they will close their doors. This isn’t a compromise. This is just the republicans trying to say” hey look, we are not so radical, keep voting for us”. Don’t fall for it. Not to mention, women can decide for themselves what is right or wrong for them and their bodies.

      • ringlet86

        Of course its a compromise. Use your intellect, not emotion.

        A bunch of people want a full ban They didn’t get it. A bunch of people want a ban after 6 weeks. They didn’t get it. A bunch of people want full unfettered Abortion right up to and through and after delivery. They didn’t get it. A bunch wanted to stay at 20 weeks they didn’t get it. But EVERYONE got a small piece ( except the extremes that would be a total ban, and the infanticide people) Its some where in the middle. A compromise.

        You still have it. And there should be nothing wrong with making sure everyone has plenty of time to make sure. Don’t kid yourself Its a major life choice, A turning point in TWO lives, the ending of a human life, and major event for the Mother that very well may haunt her for the rest of her days. And its a pretty major medical procedure. Don’t bother me with word games.

        Its not something you do on your way to McDonald’s and then everything is hunky dory. Like nothing happened. So a few steps before isn’t too much of an imposition.

        As an aside, I don’t at all understand the liberal love of it so much. Its defended it like a holy sacrament, and any nod towards it better be sacred and holy or they go nuts. Very odd. To defend murder (the taking of innocent life in cold blood) so vehemently. Just weird

        And I am truly puzzled by the cognitive dissonance around it. For instance Liberals go crazy over “gun violence” and “Gun deaths” for children, but abortion kills way more more kids 700,000 to 900,000 in 2020 ( depending upon how its counted) That’s close to every person in all of Wake county in one year to give a more meaningful number to it. Gun deaths for children was a paltry (by comparison) at 1,676. One they care about ( gun deaths) the other they don’t. very odd. In both children are just as dead.

        Kinda make the “if it saves one life.” ring a bit hollow eh?

        But hey we still have it. It could be gone completely, so be happy. Safe Legal and Rare. Just like Clinton wanted it.

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