Moffitt’s profits

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State Representative Tim Moffitt is certainly an industrious guy. In his first term in office, he introduced a bill to steal Asheville’s water system. This year, he may get it. Now, he has launched a new media consulting firm to provide his colleagues with a way to reach out to their constituents. According to the N & O, Moffitt will provide web sites, newsletters, twitter accounts and Facebook pages to help legislators stay in touch.

By my reading, though, he’s got a problem. Seems Rep. Moffitt is marketing his new firm by providing free services to the House leadership to showcase his web sites. According to the N&O article, Moffitt’s firm, InTouchNC, is an LLC. So, right now, we have a corporation providing free campaign services to the North Carolina Speaker of the House and possibly other members. Since all contributions must be reported and corporations are banned from giving to candidates, it seems somewhere in there is an illegal campaign contribution.

On another matter altogether, Rep. Moffitt, stop by my house on your way to Raleigh and I’ll let you borrow a razor.


  1. gregflynn (@gregflynn)

    Looks like Moffitt is cybersquatting a whole range of nchouse## Twitter usernames 1-120 including current Dem seats.

    • Thomas Mills

      Yeah, but how many people know which district they live in? I don’t know my district numbers and I do this stuff for a living. I think he’s paid a bunch of money for worthless domains.

  2. mimtoffitt

    It is clear to me that the author of this little screed does not understand the inner workings of the NCGA, the new reality of politics, or the extent of my history with shady political dealings going way back to when I was an “executive recruiter”. Welcome to America! Have a nice day.

  3. Posmo

    Please loan him some ethics along with the razor.

    • Thomas Mills

      I don’t think it’s ethics. I think it’s gray matter.

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