In all the hoopla around school safety and gun violence, one group of citizens has been unrepresented: mentally unstable gun owners (MUGOs). While victims of gun violence get undue sympathy, support and, yes, news coverage, MUGOs have almost no voice. Fortunately, House Speaker Tim Moore and the NRA are determined to change that.

Radical Democrats in the legislature proposed legislation that would allow the courts to take guns away from people who are a danger to themselves or others. The so-called Red Flag bill was similar to measures supported by RINOs like US Senator Marco Rubio and passed by liberal GOP-controlled legislatures like the ones in Indiana and Florida. The legislation, also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders or Gun Violence Restraining Orders, would allow the courts to temporarily remove fire arms from MUGOs if family members or law enforcement could show these people might cause harm to themselves or other people. In other words, this legislation would take guns out of the hands of potentially violent offenders, violating their rights by preventing them from becoming violent offenders.

Fortunately, Moore takes the NRA and their campaign contributions seriously. He understands that the right to bear arms trumps the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Murders and suicides by MUGOs are a small price to pay for a truly free society. Moore knows that a gunshot to the head is not the scene of a tragedy but the sound of freedom.

So as soon as the proposed legislation hit the floor, Moore sent the bill to die a lonely death in the Rules Committee. Moore is one of those Republican leaders that understands there’s nothing the government can do to prevent gun violence and we certainly shouldn’t try. He also knows that the wishes of the NRA should be sacrosanct.  Moore, MAGA and MUGOs: an emerging American tradition.


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