North Carolina has headlined political news for two years straight. First, 2012 was a big year.  The Democratic National Convention took place in Charlotte. Then, pundits viewed the state as the most competitive presidential contest in nation. In 2013, the state remained in spotlight as it became an experiment in conservative government and the GOP right-wing made it a laughingstock with crazy legislation like the bill to create a state religion.

As we begin 2014, the national attention continues. Bill Moyers made a special about North Carolina’s divisive year in politics. It aired on PBS this week and is now available for viewing online. Slate has an article by Chapel Hill author Deborah Gerhardt that lays out the impact of GOP education policies on public schools. And an article in The Atlantic says that Democrats have finally adopted John Edward’s message of Two Americas.

We’ll see if it lasts but we’ve started the New Year still leading the national political conversation.


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