North Carolina: Still in the national crosshairs

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North Carolina has headlined political news for two years straight. First, 2012 was a big year.  The Democratic National Convention took place in Charlotte. Then, pundits viewed the state as the most competitive presidential contest in nation. In 2013, the state remained in spotlight as it became an experiment in conservative government and the GOP right-wing made it a laughingstock with crazy legislation like the bill to create a state religion.

As we begin 2014, the national attention continues. Bill Moyers made a special about North Carolina’s divisive year in politics. It aired on PBS this week and is now available for viewing online. Slate has an article by Chapel Hill author Deborah Gerhardt that lays out the impact of GOP education policies on public schools. And an article in The Atlantic says that Democrats have finally adopted John Edward’s message of Two Americas.

We’ll see if it lasts but we’ve started the New Year still leading the national political conversation.


  1. ML

    Well I KNOW conservatives then, as I am a registered republican so I guess I know all conservatives are stupid and you specifically have terrible logic and reasoning skills. Thanks for showing your ignorance.

    • ML

      Thanks for playin toast.

  2. ML

    So what’s your point? That you know better than everyone because you’ve met some “liberals”? I still don’t get what that has to do with the article.

    • geek49203

      No, I haven’t “Met” some liberals. I KNOW liberals, Liberal parents, liberal professors, and worked for liberals. It’s all the same stuff, different issue, same songs.

  3. geek49203

    Well, it is in the “crosshairs” (sic?) in the way that all liberal fads put something into the crosshairs. Remember styrofoam cups? Aldar? Ozone Hole? Walker (Wisconsin)?

    Seriously, I ponder why the uber-left has such a desire to bring New England liberals into this fight. It doesn’t exactly have a proven record of success after all — Amendment 1, anyone? That we have people on the staff of our McClatchy newspapers also writing for the WaPost and NYTimes is strange to me. Then again, those same reporters managed to miss the entire Reille/John/baby thing until the National Enquirer rubbed their faces in it.

    Anyway, this is just another liberal fad. I once worked for the State of Wisconsin, and I know how that went down. Ditto, the last 2 times that a GOP Gov was elected in Michigan. Dems have a way of throwing a collective, albeit predictable, temper tantrum. They have an equal track record of getting their collective donkey handed to them in the next election too.

    • ML

      Geek, what are you talking about? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by fad because climate change (ozone hole) is still a major issue. Styrofoam? Scott Walker?

      This is about NC.

      • geek49203

        I was raised by liberals, educated by liberals, and worked for liberals for 7 years. I know ’em well. In fact, I am dangerous to liberals, in that I can usually give their side of the story in a way they’ll accept, while few liberals can do more than cite DailyKOS zingers about conservatism. That, and I’m an apostate — I directly rejected you and walked away.

        Liberal sare the same wherever you go, which explains why NC liberals get so much ink in the WaPost and NYTimes, correct?

        Liberalism as all about fads, about feeling smart and cool, being the “in” crowd. The causes barely matter, and in some cases collide: GMO and battles against “Big agricluture” and “feed the children” versus that whole biofuels thing circa 2007 is a prime example. That they go off half-cocked and their solutions are worse than the problem is another issue — ie, McDonalds replacing those styrofoam (recyclable) boxes with non-recyclable “paper” (actually, paper and plastic fused wrapper) is a good example. They hit one issue, then it’s gone, unless you ask ’em about it. Global warming one day, Occupy the next, it is all about the need to “protest” and “feel good” rather than any organized thought.

        I watched the anti-war, anti-nuke crowd of the 80’s go “ho hum” when the USSR fell and weapons were destroyed, and as the Central American situation resolved itself with elections. Given the massive protests and huge liberal angst, you would’ve thought they’d be dancing in the streets. Naw, they were off to the next cause… same tactics, same emotional needs, different (shall I say it?) puppetmaster.

        And every problem has only one solution — a big powerful gov’t program at the highest levels of government, even creating a new world-wide government in the case of global warming. It is as predictable as chants of “hey hey ho ho” and someone playing a guitar.

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