Renee Ellmers and Washington Republicans are accusing the Obama administration and Democrats of making big cuts to Medicare Advantage to pay for Obamacare. However, experts say the claims aren’t accurate. Politically, they are not believable, either.

For political attacks to resonate, voters need to find them credible. Accusing the Democrats of cutting Medicare is not going to ring true with most voters, regardless of the facts. Democrats have always been the party that supports Medicare and Social Security. Changing the public’s perception of that is going to take a lot more than an accusation that’s debatable.

Similarly, Democratic attacks on Republicans for raising taxes usually don’t gain traction. The GOP has spent decades branding themselves as the party of lower taxes and less regulation. Claiming that they are raising taxes doesn’t ring true even the facts say otherwise.

The Republicans may be finding that their standard Obamacare attacks aren’t working so well anymore and they are looking for a new angle on it. If so, this one will fail. It also shows that without Obamacare, the GOP doesn’t have much to talk about.

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