Well, we can see the next crazy legislation that NC legislators will propose. Arizona is the model and the wing-nuts in our neighbor, Georgia, are following suit. They want to allow people to openly discriminate against gays and lesbians by denying them jobs, service in restaurants or rooms in hotels.

Didn’t we just go through something like this about 50 years ago? Remember the Civil Rights Movement and the end of Jim Crow? Do we really need another fight like this again?

Indeed we do. And this time it won’t be much of a fight. The forces of darkness (aka, the Religious Right, Family Research Council or Christian Conservatives) are so blatantly on the wrong side of history that the only people tolerating them are Republicans facing primaries.

This go around, Democrats are solidly opposed to such bigotry and are solidly supported by moderate independents. The Republicans have coddled the homophobes even as society quickly realized its error in discriminating against gay people. And this is a chance for the GOP to purge their party of the bigots.

Some religious zealot in the legislature needs to hijack a bill from the long session and turn it into a Freedom to Discriminate Against Gay People bill. (I’m talking to you, Larry Pittman.) Then let the fun begin. Republicans will either need to kill the bill or face retribution at the ballot box.

It’s high time the GOP had this fight. They’ve been unwilling to rein in their right flank and now these clowns are driving the bus. Democrats can’t end this disgraceful behavior. Only Republicans can. Now’s their chance.


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