PODCAST | The Wedge: NC’s Urban-Rural Divide

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When Wake County Commissioner John Burns won office in 2014, he and his colleagues were a bright blue spot in an otherwise bad year for Democrats. Then, months after his swearing in, he found out just how badly Republican state lawmakers wanted the commission red again.

Urban Democrats in local government vs. rural Republicans in the General Assembly: it’s a simplified view of state politics that explains a lot – including HB2. Burns is well aware of the urban-rural tension. But he insists that growth is not a zero-sum game.

“We’re not interested in stealing jobs from other parts of the state. That’s not what we’re doing. We’re trying to bring jobs to North Carolina that spin-off effects for the rest of the state.”

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  1. Charles Hogan

    Just recently Congressman David Rouzer (NC-7) showed the North Carolina rural Family farmer how much the GOP really hates them.

    Congressman David Rouzer (NC-7), Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee’s Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Subcommittee, released the following statement after the House passed the Country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act of 2015 (H.R. 2393)

    “After numerous failed attempts to make Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) compliant with the World Trade Organization, it has become apparent that full repeal of COOL is not only the right thing to do, it is our only viable option,” said Congressman Rouzer. “Failure on Congress’ part to quickly bring the United States into compliance with our international obligations will result in significant damage to our national economy given the retaliatory measures Canada and Mexico are prepared to take.”

    Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) also follow suit

    Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) voted against legislation (H.R. 2393) WalterJonesthat would repeal country of origin labeling (COOL) for beef, pork, chicken, and ground meat and poultry products. Despite Congressman Jones’ opposition, the bill passed the House by a vote of 300 to 131

    This republican vulture capitalism stance forces North Carolina Family farmer to compete directly with third world country farmers for a share of the market place. This is the plan to drive them into bankruptcy to make way for wall street banker/farmers.

    In reality this stance proves that the GOP is no friend of the farmer but in fact is their sworn enemy favoring their Corporate sponsors over god and country. It is indeed sad that they exploit the rural North Carolina farmers love of Family , God and outdoor living (hunting) to garnish undeserved votes

  2. John

    Thanks, James, I enjoyed it.


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