It’s a fool’s errand to make predictions for an election with a bunch of competitive races and extremely low turnout. But I’m going to make some anyway, at the risk of looking very foolish.

NC-02 Republican The race that’s getting all the buzz, probably because it’s in the Triangle. George Holding is going to win big. The real battle will be for second place. I predict Ellmers takes it thanks to momentum from the last minute Donald Trump endorsement. Holding wins every county in the district except Harnett.

NC-03 Republican This is a rematch between Congressman Walter Jones and Taylor Griffin. It’s gotten surprisingly little attention. My guess is that Jones wins again, by roughly the same margin as last time. Griffin has been trying to paint Jones as an Obama liberal who has gotten out of touch with the 3rd District, so an upset is possible.

NC-04 Republican Sue Googe defeats her opponent Teiji Kimball in the primary by a large margin, winning the right to go against Democrat David Price in November.

NC-08 Republican Congressman Richard Hudson wins against businessman Tim D’Annunzio, but the margin will be closer than one might expect. Much of the district is new to the incumbent.

NC-09 Republican My guess is this one will be decided late. Congressman Robert Pittenger has the advantage, but a lot of the district is completely new territory to him.

NC-12 Democratic I haven’t been following this race that closely, but I do know this: Alma Adams is the incumbent, and the anti-Adams vote will be divided between a number of Charlotte candidates. Even though Adams has been hit for her residency issues, being an incumbent still helps. I think the race is a toss-up between her and former State Senator Malcolm Graham. But if history is any indication, Adams will outperform everyone’s expectations tonight.

NC-13 Republican I’m not even going to try to predict what’s going to happen here. There’s 17 candidates and about half of them are viable. OK, fine … Rep. Julia Howard wins by a larger than expected margin.

Feel free to post your own predictions in the comments below.


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