Some of the people, all of the time

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Editor's Blog | 8 comments

The recent polling on Donald Trump reveals a lot about the GOP primary electorate. In Iowa, a NBC/Des Moines Register poll shows Trump holds a 23 point lead over Ron DeSantis, the only other candidate in double digits. A CBS poll shows him is a 36 point lead nationally. Again, DeSantis is the only other candidate in double digits. The polls tell us a lot more about Republican voters than they do about Trump.

According to the CBS poll, GOP voters trust Trump to tell them the truth more than they believe their friends and family, conservative commentators, or religious leaders.  Seventy-one percent of Republican voters believe Trump, 63% trust friends and family, 56% believe other conservative media folk, and only 42% believe religious leaders. These are the people Lincoln was talking about when he said “You can fool some of the people all of the time.” 

These voters believe all of the Trump indictments are politically motivated. Of course, that’s what they are hearing from a conservative media united in his defense. Some of the media types on places like Fox News or Newmax are just playing them for ratings, but places like National Review defend Trump by saying even if he did everything he in the indictments, none of it is illegal. Or they argue that he shouldn’t be prosecuted because the investigations look like they are political. 

These are the same people who said he shouldn’t be impeached for trying to blackmail the Ukrainian government into making allegations against the Biden family. They argued that he shouldn’t be impeached for his role in January 6 because it was the role of the criminal justice system. Now, they argue that voters should decide his fate, knowing that Trump and his cult will never accept the results if he loses. 

These voters have been conditioned for decades to believe Trump’s lies. He pumps the same deception pushed by talk radio hosts, beginning with Rush Limbaugh back in the 1980s, and repeated over and over Fox News hacks beginning in the late 1990s. Trump just leveraged their schtick into the presidency based on the strength of self-proclaimed “dittoheads.” 

Republican leaders who knew better indulged the disinformation because it kept their base angry. They tolerated the racism that ran just beneath the surface and made excuses when bubbled to the top. Now, those leaders are caught between what they know is right and pissing off an angry, delusional, and misinformed electorate—the GOP primary voter.

People like Mitch McConnell are pushing back against Trump now but were silent when they could have stopped him. In fact, nobody is more responsible for Trump than McConnell. He could have urged his caucus to convict Trump in the wake of January 6 and Trump would probably just be screaming from the sidelines, ineligible to run for re-election. Now, he’s about to be a presidential nominee under several indictments. 


  1. Rick Gunter

    What for crying out loud is wrong with people? How in God’s name could anyone support or believe or donate to Donald J. Trump? One does not have to think Joe Biden is superb. One does even not have to vote for Democrats. The issue is the country, the future of democracy and the rule of law. My concern is far less about the outcome of the Trump indictments than for Americans to wake up and realize the madness in which they are a part. Is this the result of 30 or more years of little or no civics education in the schools, the rise of social media and far-right radio and TV? God save us, for we seem unable to save ourselves.

  2. cocodog

    Congratulations Republicans, your party has become the first party in American history to join the likes of those folks who backed Hitler. Judging from the Republican debate last night, at least five of the candidates would vote for Donnie, if he were nominated, regardless of a felony conviction. This is where the Republican Party has evolved. A cult! Of course, this should not be a shock. The clue came when members of your party accused Jewish Lizards from outer space with starting forest fires in California. What flavor do you want Donnie to whip up in cool aid?

  3. Laura Reich

    I heard an ex Republican strategist say “ we always knew there was this part of the party was crazy but we thought they were the recessive gene. Unfortunately we now know they are the dominant gene”

  4. TC

    As the charges and indictments have been piling up, a peculiar notion has begun to grow in the back of my mind. Since it is highly unlikely that Donnie can prevail, given the veracity of evidence against him, unless he is elected; which is not beyond the realm of possibility. Does he go to prison? Does he go on house arrest? Or does he exile himself before reporting for sentencing to Russia, China, or North Korea?

    As the President of no prior precedent for the outrageousness of his deeds and behavior, I can imagine that being within the realm of possibility. If a King can abdicate a throne, why can’t a wannabe dictator abandon his spot on the manure pile and go bond with his buds? A Russian Dacha beats an American prison.

    • cocodog

      The problem of what to do with a whacked out Ex president, if he is sent off. Like “a place for mom” but on a different plane. I have read the Feds have a program set up for folks who are convicted of a crime while in the witness protection program. They are incarcerated on one of the military bases in the custody of the Federal Marshal. It is a costly process, but less than what is being spent to maintain a secret service detail at his high-end golf courses. At least Trump will not be able to demand taxpayers pay the rent for protective services residing onsite or golf carts. This could be a cost reduction.

    • cyclops

      Any conviction will likely be overturned on appeal

  5. Maureen

    It is REALLY double standards when TRUMP CHANTED
    “LOCK HER UP” in hus run against Hillary Rodham Clinton. When SHE Won majority of votes cast!
    Yet, this man you brags about
    “grabbing” women, HAS BEEN MARRIED 3 TIMES, and paid money to keep his affair with Stormy HUSH – APPEALS TO OUR RELIGIOUS RIGHT! And he continues to lie…over n over…
    Yep, you can fool some of the people ALL the time!!
    Our proclaimed RELIGIOUS RIGHT – Even in the eyes of Jesus, me thinks are WRONG.

  6. cocodog

    A substantial percentage of our citizenry enjoy being part of cult called MAGA Republicans! You have got to hand it to Donnie, he may be on the way to pulling off the biggest sting in political history. On the other hand he may spend the rest of his days locked up in a mental institution or prison.


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