The House is going on Spring Break! That’s right. Speaker Tim Moore announced Monday night that the House will be in recess for the week of April 6-9.

The legislators may have missed a couple of weeks of productivity due to lousy weather but that’s no excuse to curtail the fun. Besides, by April they will have been working for more than two whole months. By then, they’ll deserve a vaca. I’m sure all those parents who spent two weeks trying to figure out what to do with their kids and now have to rework their Memorial Day and Spring break plans will totally understand.

And for all of you legislators who can’t make it to Daytona Beach or Cherry Grove, join us at Blewett Falls for the first annual PoliticsNC Legislative Spring Break Booze Cruise! We’re strapping three pieces of plywood to two john boats and calling it a pontoon! For three hours, we’ll dodge stumps, empty a keg and try to avoid the game warden! Sign up now because space is limited!

When I heard the Spring Break news, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to check. Yep, Cleveland County Schools are on Spring Break April 6-10. Speaker Moore is doing something with his kids.

My political instinct said, “That’s a guy abusing his power, setting the legislative calendar to fit his personal needs.” But then my parental instinct said, “That’s a guy with his priorities in the right place, putting his kids first.”

Tim Moore is obviously a good Dad. I hope he has a great week with his sons. I just hope he remembers that there a whole lot of kids in North Carolina who, through no fault of their own, will never go anywhere for Spring Break and some will stay home hungry. They are his responsibility, too.


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