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Well folks, I think we’re in the End Times. Not for Mankind, but for the Tea Party. Not only are they on a suicide mission in Congress, shutting down government and leaving millions of Americans in the lurch, but they are in the editorial pages still trying to explain who they are and what they stand for.

In the N&O, a guy from Americans for Prosperity writes a desperation piece that basically says, “Hey, we’re not really anti-government” and “We’re not even Republicans.” Then, get this, he blames liberals (Can you believe it?) for misrepresenting the Tea Party. Problem is, they don’t stand for anything. They stand against everything.

Four years after rallies that included placards with slogans like “Keep your hands off my Medicare,” the Tea Party says they are nothing more than a conservative grassroots movement with no central authority. This from a guy whose organization is heavily funded by the Koch Brothers and Art Pope. Hilarious.


  1. Paleo Tek

    Oh, that’s a funny sign. Did you pay your kids to make that? I want one, it will make me look intellectual, what with the cryptically bad hammer and sickle.

    I think your point highlights the hole that the GOP is in. After spending years (decades?) selling outrage to the base, they’ve got a base that’s burdened them with a crew of nihilists that don’t believe in governing. Not all of the congressional Rs are dense, or even bad pols, but there’s enough crazies in the caucus that the ones who get the most publicity are not in touch with current mainstream American values.

    And they, and their followers, don’t even realize or (horrors!) believe that, which is what happens when you live in an echo chamber. They’re forced to defend an endless series of Up-Is-Down positions, believing in skewed polls but not science.

    As patriotic citizens, it’s our task to try and limit the damage these radicals do to the Republic. By voting them out of power as soon as possible, mostly.

  2. John

    Yeah, but if the morons in their districts don’t get it, we’re stuck with ’em, regardless of what the rest of the country and the Republican party thinks, no ?

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