Aldona Wos is at it again. This time, she’s pissing off Republicans in the legislature. Apparently, she’s spending their money without telling them.

According to the News and Observer, Wos asked for a Medicaid waiver without telling the General Assembly. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t say from whom she requested it, but I think it  was the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. According to Rep. Nelson Dollar, the waiver could eventually cost the state $45 million. I guess that’s the next Medicaid cost overrun McCrory will site when he screws public schools or universities.

The episode is just another case of bureaucratic incompetence by Pat McCrory’s boss. Rep. Marilyn Avila chastised Wos by saying, “We could have found a way to solve this problem and not make this government look like it’s totally incompetent.” I would argue that it’s a little late for that, but I get her point.

But instead of taking responsibility, Wos once again passed the buck. It wasn’t her fault. She told the committee, “I am deeply disappointed that our proper process was not followed. It was not shared with the CFO for Medicaid, the CFO for DHHS, or the front office.” Damn all those underlings!

The Department of Health and Human Services is an embarrassment and debacle. Pat McCrory obviously doesn’t feel he has the power to hold anybody accountable, making Wos the most powerful employee in state government. At least McCrory is ultimately responsible to the voters.

Now, though, the GOP legislators are getting mad. Wos and her department have become a political liability. As the election gets closer and no one at DHHS is held accountable, voters may point to them. The harsh words are an attempt to put daylight between the legislature and the embattled Secretary. They certainly know by now that chastising her won’t change her behavior.


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