You would think Donald Trump’s tweeting is starting to catch up with him—at least as far as policy goes. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is likely to scrap Trump’s discriminatory travel ban for people from certain countries because Trump actually called it a “Muslim ban.” We don’t discriminate in this country because of religious beliefs.

Trump has called it a Muslim ban in speeches, on twitter and on his web site but says it’s not a ban on Muslims since that’s not the language used in the executive order he signed. Clearly, the intent is to keep Muslims out of the US. But, more importantly, the order is meant to satisfy his base. On that count, he’s already won.

Trump has very few victories and yet his support among his base is holding steady. As far as they’re concerned, he’s following through on his promises, even if the corrupt establishment is getting in his way. He’s already trying to ban Muslims, but the courts are stopping him. He’s trying to build the wall but Congress is in the way. He passed a repeal Obamacare bill last week so at least he’s trying. He’s threatening to pull out of NAFTA or force Canada and Mexico to renegotiate the trade agreement just like he promised.

And for his supporters, the circus surrounding the Trump-Russia investigation is just the media and the left going after him. They don’t have any faith in the media so when he calls it “#fakenews” on twitter, they’re good with that. In their minds, that investigation is just an attempt to discredit Trump.

The media and traditional politicians might see success in terms of legislative victories, but Trump’s base see it in terms of shaking up the establishment. He might not be able to deliver on all his promises but that’s because the establishment is getting in his way. In their minds, they’re getting what they paid for—a man who will shake up the system, unrestricted by conventional norms or political correctness.

He’s the guy they wanted. He’s doing what he promised. And they’ll stand with him to the end. Now, whether they’ll stand with the Republicans he needs to make his policies a reality, that’s another story.