As we all know, voter fraud never happens and only exists in the minds of crackpots and conspiracy theorists. Yet, this week, a man in Haywood County was convicted of felony voter fraud for voting twice in the March 2016 Republican primary. (The mountain counties of North Carolina have a rich history of rigging elections.)

What kind of nut votes twice in a primary? Was this guy really so convinced that his one extra vote would put his candidate over the top? Give it to his civics teachers, they really drilled into his head the concept of “one vote can make a difference!”

The double voter first claimed that he thought he was voting in two different elections. He later claimed that he forgot he had voted the first time. The man in question is a former precinct chair and a very active voter (too active, I guess), so that’s not likely.

The voter fraud was caught by the sharp eyes of Robert Inman, the director of the Haywood County Board of Elections, who alerted the state board. No word on how exactly the voter fraud was discovered.

Voter ID was in place at the time of the election. The law was overturned last June by the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that voter ID is a racist throwback to the Jim Crow era.


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