Voter Fraud Alert!

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As we all know, voter fraud never happens and only exists in the minds of crackpots and conspiracy theorists. Yet, this week, a man in Haywood County was convicted of felony voter fraud for voting twice in the March 2016 Republican primary. (The mountain counties of North Carolina have a rich history of rigging elections.)

What kind of nut votes twice in a primary? Was this guy really so convinced that his one extra vote would put his candidate over the top? Give it to his civics teachers, they really drilled into his head the concept of “one vote can make a difference!”

The double voter first claimed that he thought he was voting in two different elections. He later claimed that he forgot he had voted the first time. The man in question is a former precinct chair and a very active voter (too active, I guess), so that’s not likely.

The voter fraud was caught by the sharp eyes of Robert Inman, the director of the Haywood County Board of Elections, who alerted the state board. No word on how exactly the voter fraud was discovered.

Voter ID was in place at the time of the election. The law was overturned last June by the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that voter ID is a racist throwback to the Jim Crow era.


  1. Dr B

    I certainly hope that the intent of this article was not to support Trump’s ridiculous claim that there were millions of illegal voters. Don’t believe me? Here is the quote “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Never mind the fact that the only two verifiable cases of voter fraud in the last election were imbeciles in the Republican Party. Are you people honestly so stupid that you believe the nonsense spewed at an increasingly alarming rate from Trump and his cabinet of habitual liars? Or is it that you are willing to do anything in your power to force your draconian views, opinions, and tenets on the rest of the world? ‘

    You people are PATHETICALLY IGNORANT!! And I have had as much as I am going to take. Love, truth, and honesty will win in the end. And if you still have half a brain you will be standing on the right side of history or be steamrolled. The Bible doesn’t say the IDIOTS shall inherit the Earth. It says the meek shall inherit the Earth.

    • Ebrun

      A Bible-quoting left winger? Gotta love it!

  2. Lee Mortimer

    Even if there were a significant level of voter fraud (which there isn’t), it could only be effective in subverting elections through a coordinated effort by the campaign of a candidate or a party. It would require collusion by a lot of pretty high-level political operatives, and people at that level just aren’t going to risk getting caught, ruining their political careers and possibly going to jail. Voter ID is purely and simply an effort to suppress the vote.

  3. Mooser

    Mr. Wynne, what is the point of your post? If you’re arguing that voter fraud is rampant, I’m afraid you’re terribly mistaken! Citing ONE instance of a person voting twice in a primary and then getting caught is not evidence – it’s anecdotal and the guy got caught, for crying out loud! And, he was caught when the Voter ID law was still in effect! The only people who ever try to vote fraudulently in person are Republicans – it’s like they’re trying to show how “easy” it is, and then they always get caught!

  4. Troy

    Based on the evidence at hand, it would appear that Voter ID doesn’t work. This happened while voter ID laws were intact.

    It would also appear that since this man was quite familiar with the voting process, he knew how to play the system. It would also appear that perhaps there was even an accessory or two before and during the fact. Republicans will stop at nothing to ensure their candidate lands on top. Yes I can say that. The last voter scam I remember surfacing was someone buying votes for a man running for Sheriff in Caldwell County. He was a Republican too.

    Were those the points you were trying to make here John?

  5. Melissa

    This the second case of voter fraud I’ve seen this week. It’s also the second case that I’ve seen this year. It’s the third case I’ve seen in a year. In two of the cases, the person has been identified as a Republican (I am assuming this individual is Republican since it was their primary). It seems to be that either the Democrats are just really really really smart about voter fraud or Republican are not. What I see is that when voter fraud is committed, that the person is caught and dealt with appropriately by the authorities.

    So yes, there is voter fraud. I don’t think requiring IDs is the path we should take especially since we’ve managed a couple centuries of voting without them. But I am chuckling about those persons in the President’s family who have been identified as having two valid voter registrations in different locales although I believe they only voted at one location (not accusing of fraud), but one gripe the alt-right has is the duplicate registrations due to population movement.

    I voted early in Wake County. I went to one table where I was confirmed as a registered voter who had not voted. I then went to another table, picked up my ballot, and voted. Simple process. If all counties and/or cities used this method, then there would not be the problem encountered here because the individual was apparently able to bypass whatever system was in place to mark him as having voted.

    I read that there was money sitting in funds for state and local governments to update their systems which has never been claimed. I wonder if those entities were red or blue.

    • Melissa

      I just read an article about the third person who was convicted of voter fraud (Texas). She was a green card holder and Republican. Like I said, Democrats must be much smarter than Republicans if we’re doing whole bunches of voter fraud (which I don’t believe that we are).

  6. Progressive Wing

    Perhaps your most ridiculous blog to date, Mr. Wynne (and that’s saying a lot).

    You actually gave us a blog, reeking in the sarcasm that “voter fraud never happens,” and then present one case–ONE CASE–of a odd-ball voter voting twice in a primary.

    And then you convenient ignore the possibility that the mischievous precinct chair who double-voted just might have been known by the BOE director who caught him, possibly meaning that the voter ID law provisions played no role at all.

    And then you end it by implying that the voter ID law helped to catch this fraud, even though you note “No word on how exactly the voter fraud was discovered”? .

    You would have been on firm ground had you simply written a article that noted how even the extremely rare cases of fraud are caught by the very honest and dedicated elections workers who follow existing procedures and rules.

  7. Mr David B Scott

    Mr. Wynne, If voter fraud does in fact exist, I would be of the opinion that these votes would be cast in favor of the GOP. Like minds think alike.

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