Wallowing in Dan Bishop’s Twitter feed

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Editor's Blog | 12 comments

A quick review of Dan Bishop’s Twitter feed tells us all we need to know about him. It’s full of conspiracy theories and right-wing pablum. He’s highlighting interviews with discredited fear-mongers like Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson. He’s bragging about receiving awards from CPAC, the once-prestigious conservative organization that has devolved into a MAGA fest for the tinfoil hat set. He’s gone full MAGA even as the Trump organization loses appeal across the nation. 

What’s not in his feed? North Carolina. The guy who wants people to elect him to be the next attorney general ignores the people he was sent to Washington to represent. He’s obsessed with the conspiracy theories that have captured the imagination of the Republican base. He never mentions big ideas or kitchen table issues. His feed is just outrage and conspiracies for the perpetually aggrieved. I guess that’s who he believes he represents.

Maybe he’s just running for the GOP nomination right now. He’s trying to appeal to the rabid base that cares little about the day-to-day issues that impact ordinary Americans and focuses on fever dreams inspired by right-wing media outlets and commentators. Still, you would think he would be trying to focus on a little more than just outrage and conspiracy theories. He’s running for a state office after all.

Bishop’s feed may be fodder for the MAGA crowd and designed to enrage liberals, but it also gives us an idea of how he would govern if elected attorney general. He’s spent his time in Washington appealing to issues that animate the base, not those that serve people in North Carolina. He’s a committed culture warrior instead of a dedicated public servant. He’s like Donald Trump and Mark Robinson. He gets his jollies from the applause of people on the fringe. That’s no way to run a state agency. 

At least he’s not trying to change who is like Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. Robinson’s handlers have been trying, unsuccessfully, to rein him in. Their canned videos show a guy talking about unity and bringing people together. Then, his unsupervised public appearances, especially at churches, expose the lie by revealing a man who belittles his fellow citizens and lacks any sense of empathy  or compassion. Bishop is still the callous guy who flirts with White Supremacy and wallows in the muck of conspiracy mongers unabated. 

I used to suspect that Bishop knew better and was just playing the audience for the applause. People who served with him in the legislature say that he used not to be this way. Now, I’m not sure. Maybe he always held these hateful, bigoted beliefs and the rise of Donald Trump just freed him to speak up. Maybe he really believes in the snake oil that he’s selling. 

I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter. He’s a guy who is not fit to hold office. He either believes in all the discredited, right-wing pablum that he spews or he’s a grifter using it acquire power. Either way, he’s a pretty disgusting person who has no business in the position he’s holding today and should never get near the position of top law enforcement official in North Carolina. 


  1. Lee Myers

    Bishop must be stopped. He is an embarrassment to Meckelenburg County and North Carolina. He has been my representative which meant I had no representation. He is from the same mold as Mark Meadows. Enough said.
    R. Lee Myers – Matthews

  2. Fred Mills

    One advises all y’all here to exit Twitter – or X, whatever that moron is naming his brand now – because it’s really only for Kanye devotees to konspiracy kongregate now in 2023.

  3. Jane Smith Patterson

    I should think that persons who wish to comment would not mind using their full name! Jane Smith Patterson

  4. Laura Reich

    Agree with everything said. Bishop had been my representative, but he never represented me. I’m in Jeff Jackson’s district now thank goodness!

  5. Polyglot

    Pablum is correct in this context (look it up in a real dictionary). But the false assertion that it is wrong is instructive – saying a thing does not make it true, which applies to the rest of the comment (could even be called ‘delusional’) as well. Any comparison of the number of indictments under Republican administrations vs. Democratic ones will show where the criminal behavior tends to be concentrated. Where are the indictments of these terrible Democrats? They have been investigated ad nauseum with nary a criminal indictment. The reason for the projection is obvious – it’s easier to rationalize supporting terrible candidates from one’s own tribe if one can claim the other side is just as bad. But no objective examination will bear that out. There is simply no comparison between the current craziness on the right and the rest of the political spectrum. What’s worth asking is why it is so important to someone to believe the mistruths…? I don’t usually waste time responding to comments like this, but couldn’t let this one pass…

    • Wayne

      You just provided context to your own comments, because–denying reality, or stoutly asserting, “It ain’t true!”, when the inescapable truth is right before your eyes and is being revealed daily–is an apt description of the Democrat Party. More and more, the dots connecting the Biden criminal cabal are coming to light. I would argue that, even thus far, the amount of evidentiary proof of criminal misconduct is staggering! Eventually, the Biden-owned DOJ will be forced to allow for indictments of the Bidens, and I suspect some of Trumps peccadilloes will pale by comparison. Truth be known, Democrats have the liberal media shilling for them, so it very clearly will be a near impossibility to get the truth ‘out there’. Meanwhile, your lapdogs and activists are keeping us all amused with their predictable talking points , proclaiming the economy is great, inflation is under control, the border is secure, and the nation is stronger than ever. Good luck pushing that crap–even the dumbest Democrats are now beginning to realize they’re being lied to!

  6. Jay Ligon

    bland or insipid intellectual fare, entertainment, etc.; pap.

  7. Jay Ligon

    “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

  8. Wayne

    For one thing, it’s spelled ‘pabulum’, not ‘pablum’. For another, you assert Bishop is a ‘right-wing conspiracy theorist’, but–like ALL delusional Democrats–you staunchly avoid admitting that the Biden cabal is riddled with a staggering level of criminal corruption and sheer incompetence. I’ll tell you what–once Democrats admit, and own up to their own culpability to the decay and deterioration affecting America –I’ll concede that (maybe) Republicans might have some issues too.

    • Mike

      Pinhead: 2 out of 3 Republicans in Congress supported the coup attempt by Putin’s fat orange puppet. It can’t get any worse than that. And buy a dictionary.

      • Wayne

        Putin’s Puppet?? OH…..you mean Ol’ Sleepy Joe?? …the one who is in Zelensky’s pocket too?? Thanks! I needed a good laff!

        • Bill

          Bishop and Wayne. Two smooth-brained peas in a pod.

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