As I wrote a few weeks ago, some insights are timeless. The 2012 North Carolina elections reawoke another pearl of wisdom. When Karl Rove quipped that liberals “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality” while conservatives “create our own reality,” he defined the conservative culture that haunts our politics.

This culture was on full display at Civitas’ Conservative Leadership Conference, an event to “educate and empower” right-wingers. What an education it was. According to the N&O, attendees received dubious lessons on everything from the Kochs to Kay Hagan. Dan Forest set the tone by urging them to “stop believing” what disagreeable media “write and say.”

It was clear they already don’t. Forest boasted of an economic boom. The Wall Street Journal, which despises conservatives, writes “North Carolina led the nation in job losses last month [February].” Right-wing “journalist” John Fund thunderingly foretold a 2010-esque Republican wave. Yet the Real Clear Politics polling average shows Democrats ahead. Ann Coulter was a keynote speaker; need I say more?

One could write off their bluster as mere chest-thumping, a Republican specialty. Even so, the conservative war on reality matters for this state–a lot. It’s why McCrory says, with evident credulity, that HB 589 didn’t shorten early voting. It’s why Common Core may get axed, to kill off socialist indoctrination. It’s why we’re in trouble until the Reality Based Community reassumes control.

And that’s why we’ve got to hit the campaign trail.