Pat McCrory is quickly getting known more for what he says than what he does. And what he says is often just not true. The News & Observer did a whole article on his gaffes and then he just kept on making them.

The most recent came in an interview with WFAE last week when he said that he didn’t cut unemployment benefits and then claimed that Duke Energy and IBM stopped offering health insurance to their employees because of Obamacare. Maybe the governor is trying to spin the issues but instead his words just spin out of control. Consequently, he sounds like he’s lying.

Maybe I can help. First, Governor, let’s clarify a few things. Giving your point of view, even if you are withholding facts or interpreting data, is spinning. Saying things that aren’t true or making stuff up is lying.

For instance, you could have said that Obamacare is putting so much pressure on businesses that even large companies are dropping insurance for some of their employees and pushing them into Obamacare. That’s spinning. Saying that Duke Energy and IBM have stopped offering health care, that’s lying.

Similarly, saying that you talk to people on the street regularly and that you are not hearing much dissatisfaction with your administration is spinning. Saying you went to Moral Monday protests when you didn’t is lying.

Saying we have a fiscal mess that requires us to cut spending is spinning. Saying that Perdue left you with a miserable budget that she vetoed but was passed by fellow Republicans Thom Tillis and Phil Berger is either lying or stupid, I’m still not sure which.

Either way, you’re governor. You don’t want to look like a liar or stupid. If your staff hasn’t told you as much, you should fire the whole bunch and start over. If they have and you’re refusing to listen, then you really are stupid. I can’t help you with that.


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