That settles it. I know who I’m pulling for to succeed Thom Tillis as house speaker. I’m with Tim Moffitt.

My reasons are simple. I want somebody who gives me plenty of fodder for my blog. Nobody will fill that role quite as well as Representative Moffitt. Moffitt is almost a parody of the bumbling movie politician who is so dumb he can’t even succeed at petty corruption. Think Mel Brooks as the governor in Blazing Saddles.

Moffitt understands that his job allows him to bully and profit. The last time we saw the Buncombe County legislator, he was make money off of his colleagues by selling them web sites. What an industrious young man!

Yesterday, Moffitt admitted that he had asked his opponent in the general election to bow out. According his Democratic challenger, Brian Turner, Moffitt explained that he was running for house speaker and wanted to travel the state helping his fellow Republicans win their races. He didn’t want to be bothered by a pesky election. I guess he thought redistricting could remove that inconvenience.

Turner says Moffitt suggested that maybe he would prefer to be head of UNC-TV instead of a state legislator. Moffitt admits bringing it up but says he was only suggesting Turner apply for the job. He denies that it was an offer to help Turner get the position. Yeah, right.

But since that didn’t seem to take, Moffitt let Turner know that third party organizations would likely try to “destroy” him with negative ads. Moffitt says he was just being “blunt” and “honest.” No threats here. But I wonder how Moffitt knows about those ads if he’s not coordinating with those parties?

And that’s what I like. Bare knuckled politics from an 80-pound weakling with more balls than brains. Let’s get back to the days when politicians buy and bully their way into power. No better person to get us there than Representative Tim Moffitt. Please support him for house speaker. Please.


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